National news: NWTC selected to join The Frontier Set

Thursday March 2, 2017
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is pleased to announce that the college has been selected to join the Frontier Set, a small diverse group of high-performing, high-potential postsecondary institutions and systems identified by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and intermediary partners as leaders in transformation change for student success. 

Frontier Set logo. NWTC is selected for Frontier Set, a small group of high-performing colleges identified by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as leaders in transformation change for student success.NWTC and Frontier Set colleagues are already pioneering what is possible, by transforming the way the institutions operate in order to achieve significant improvement over already strong performance gains in student completion rates. As a member of the Frontier Set, NWTC has the opportunity to collaborate with other institutions to refine, codify, share and scale innovative practices that substantially increase student completion rates.

The Frontier Set is 31 colleges, universities and state systems, from all regions of the United States, that have committed to document, collaborate, and share what they are learning to improve not only their individual performance but also to spur collective progress. By facilitating knowledge sharing within and across sectors, the Frontier Set helps institutions avoid “reinventing the wheel” of promising practices and instead draw on experience from others about what works and why it works for improving student success.

The Frontier Set is an integral part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s effort to increase postsecondary credential and degree attainment. Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is the only Wisconsin college or university invited to participate in the Frontier Set Network. NWTC looks forward to sharing and collaborating with other Wisconsin colleges and universities to set new completion standards and eliminate race, gender and socioeconomic status as predictors of student attainment.


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