Red Smith Elementary builds Lego supply chain with NWTC

Sunday November 22, 2015
Some Green Bay fifth graders recently learned how much is involved with moving important materials across the country. Supply Chain Management instructor Angela Hansen visited Red Smith School to teach students about how to manage supply chains and logistics. 

"I held a mini tech camp with Ms. Kris Better's 5th grade class at Red Smith Elementary Green Bay School [about] how to build a Lego-land Supply Chain," Hansen explains. "Students learned how to ... purchase, manage inventory, assemble/manufacture, package and transport their Lego prototype, 'Mr. Learnie,' to Florida and back to Green Bay. Students learned about the different careers in supply chain management and logistics for K-12 career cruising pathways. They also learned about NWTC's Supply Chain Management degree program and [summer] Tech Camp offerings."

After the success of the 5th grade project, she and Red Smith hope to expand the supply chain learning opportunities to other grades this year.
NWTC Supply Chain Management instructor Angela Hansen teaches fifth graders about logistics using Legos

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