Board of Trustees OK's NWTC budget for 2015-2016

Wednesday May 20, 2015


Levy is significantly lower than two years ago

The Board of Trustees of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College has approved the college’s proposed budget after a May 20 public hearing.

View of the Health Sciences building
In the budget for fiscal year 2015-2016, the total levy will rise 2.3 percent to $28.95 million, a significant decrease from the $59.3 million levy in 2013-2014. Property owners will pay about $80 on a $100,000 home compared to about $166 two years ago. The difference will be paid through state property tax relief.            

New investments in program development and growth include:

  • Instruction for Software Developer, Therapeutic Massage, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and Law Enforcement
  • A Turbo Charge Project Coordinator to help more K12 students earn college credits in high school
  • New technology for Network Specialist, Wellness, Dental Radiography, Electromechanical and other high-demand career programs.

Dr. H. Jeffrey Rafn, NWTC president, noted, “Our focus in this budget year is to promote student success—to help more people enter college prepared, help more students succeed in their classes, and help more students complete a credential. Without earning that credential, individuals won’t have the full skill sets that employers need. Maintaining the supply of skilled employees is critical to the area's economic stability and growth."

NWTC has seen strong enrollments in recent years, especially in health care, manufacturing and engineering technologies. By the end of the current fiscal year, NWTC is expected to reach about 6,734 FTEs and 43,000 total learners. The new budget forecasts that FTEs will remain at current levels.

NWTC remains one of the most efficient technical colleges in Wisconsin, with the second-lowest operational cost per student in the Wisconsin Technical College System and the highest employee productivity (measured in students served per employee).



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