More nursing students get the clinical experience to provide great care

Thursday July 30, 2015

Today, another group of first-semester Associate Degree Nursing students finished their first hands-on clinical class. Nursing instructor Nicole Gouin (in the white lab coat) passed along a picture of the group as they passed this important milestone. Clinical experience in college means students will be better-prepared to provide care after graduation.

ADN students gather around a patient simulator

“The first day of clinical, they were all overwhelmed and very nervous to interact with real patients,” Gouin recalled. “Our clinical was at a local nursing home, and the picture here was one of our last days in the simulation lab...more of a hospital type setting to get them prepared for their next clinical in a hospital.”

“The biggest accomplishment for the students was getting repetition of their head-to-toe assessments, administering oral medications to patients, and just learning how to communicate with their patients and healthcare team. It is so neat to see how much progression each student has through this short 7-week clinical, from trembling in nervousness in the first days to feeling comfortable and confident around their patients in the finishing days. They have all worked very hard finding balance at school, work, home, and personal life. During nursing school this can often go without recognition. Keep up the great work, class!”

Today is their last day of their first clinical course (Intro to Nursing Clinical). It’s also the first clinical class taught by Gouin, who has just joined NWTC with 12 years experience in health care plus service in the Air Force.

“It's a bitter-sweet week as they wrap this up and move forward as student nurses. It's been such a pleasure leading them through this journey!”


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