Apply by March 2 for three open positions on NWTC District Board

Tuesday February 10, 2015

Board of Trustees seeks representatives of employers, employees, school districts from Brown, Kewaunee County areas

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is accepting applications for three positions on the NWTC District Board of Trustees - one employer, one employee and one School District Administrator.
Appointees will serve three-year terms beginning on July 1, 2015. In accordance with the Appointment Committee’s Plan of Representation, of the three members appointed, one member will represent Kewaunee and Manitowoc Counties; and two will represent Brown and Outagamie counties.
In the appointment process, equal consideration is given to the general population distribution within the district and to the distribution of women and minorities on the Board.  Board members are not paid except for the expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.     
Applicants must submit at least two letters of recommendation and attend a public hearing of the District Board Appointment Committee on March 26, 2015, at 5:00 p.m., in the District Board Room of the NWTC-Green Bay Campus. At the public hearing, applicants will be interviewed by the Appointment Committee.  
How to Apply - Application materials are available by calling Mary Jo Tilot, Executive Assistant, (920) 498-5409, or by emailing maryjo.tilot@nwtcledu, or by visiting the NWTC District Office, 2740 West Mason Street, Green Bay. Completed applications are due by 4:00 p.m. March 2, 2015.
About the Open Positions:
  • An Employer Representative is defined as someone with the authority to recommend any of the following: hire, transfer, suspend, discipline, lay off, recall, adjust grievances, promote, discharge, assign, or reward. The exception is the person who acts in the capacity of an officer or agent of a labor organization, even though that person may have the power to hire, etc.
  • An Employee Representative is defined as a person who is employed but does not meet any of the criteria in the Employer category. The only exception to the criteria is that a person who acts in the capacity of an officer or agent of a labor organization is considered an Employee even though that person may have the power to hire, etc. as listed in the Employer section above.
  • A School District Administrator Representative is defined as someone who is employed as a school district superintendent, supervising principal, or other person who acts as the administrative head of a school district and who holds an administrator’s license.

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