BayCare Clinic funds national training for 3 outstanding health faculty

Thursday August 27, 2015
Three Northeast Wisconsin Technical College instructors have been chosen for the 2015 BayCare Clinic Faculty of the Year Award. 

Jodie Breidel, Marne Sterzing and Selena Becker were selected by the BayCare Clinic Foundation’s board based on their commitment to student success, instructional innovation, individual achievement and teamwork, and dedication to the health profession. The award funds professional development opportunities for outstanding nursing and allied health professionals to enhance instruction. This is the third year BayCare has given the faculty awards.

“The BayCare Clinic Foundation is pleased to provide continued financial support to NWTC,” said Dr. Joseph Hodgson, president, BayCare Clinic Foundation. “In our estimation, the college is clearly one of the premier local institutions for training the area’s future healthcare providers.”

“These faculty members will, through this financial award, attend a national conference specific to their health profession and gain new knowledge that will be transferred to eager students. That knowledge will help better prepare future healthcare professionals to provide much-needed services to people in Northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – very much in line with BayCare Clinic’s mission, vision and values.”

Each of the recipients will be given up to $2,000 to attend a relevant national health conference.

Jodie Breidel, Program Director/Faculty Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) plans to attend the Society of Medical Sonographers (SDMS) Annual Conference. The Conference covers new techniques, diagnostic accuracy, enhancements of sonographic instrumentation, and practice management strategies. Participation will allow her to describe new sonographic techniques and technologies that can help students recognize normal and abnormal pathology based on sonographic examination and use practice management strategies to enhance clinical operations and patient satisfaction.

Nursing instructor Marne Sterzing Sterzing heard from NWTC Nursing graduates that they wished they had learned more about wound care in college. Sterzing, who is a Wound Care Certified RN (WCC). would like to incorporate wound care education into every semester of the nursing program at all NWTC locations. To update her background, she plans to attend Wild on Wounds, a national conference that focuses specifically on wound care.

Selena Becker, instructor in the Medical Assistant program, travels the U.S. to review other medical assistant programs that are up for reaccreditation. She also participates in some of NWTC’s most innovative instructional techniques including flipped classroom, inclusive teaching and Career Pathways Bridge. She would like to return to the STEMtech annual conference to present again on instructional innovation at NWTC and to gain new ideas and best practices from others around the country.

The faculty awards are part of a larger BayCare Clinic Foundation pledge to contribute $50,000 to the NWTC Educational Foundation over five years. In addition to the Faculty of the Year awards, funds will be used to support additional NWTC nursing and allied health professional development projects

About BayCare Clinic Foundation: Established in 2000, the BayCare Clinic Foundation was created to promote the health and well-being of Northeast Wisconsin residents, with an emphasis on supporting the educational efforts within the healthcare sector. With that, the BayCare Clinic Foundation is committed to promoting professional development of NWTC faculty through monies for continuing education in their healthcare specialty.

About BayCare Clinic: BayCare Clinic is the largest physician-owned specialty-care clinic in Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is comprised of over 100 specialty physicians with expertise in more than 20 specialties. BayCare Clinic physicians have served patients in Green Bay and the surrounding region for over 30 years.

About the NWTC Educational Foundation: Established in 1970, the NWTC Educational Foundation is a public, non-profit organization whose mission is to provide financial support to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College students and the College through scholarships and other financial needs. By doing so the Foundation promotes the value of technical college education within the community and supports the College’s vision and mission.​​​

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