Registration for NWTC Faculty and Staff

Please register via PeopleSoft Self-Service for certification classes.  Refer to the course details (Course ID, Course Name, Date) on the schedule to ensure that you are requesting the correct class.
After your request is processed, you will receive a confirmation of your enrollment or waitlist status within 2 business days.

For directions to register via PeopleSoft, please see the help information on the HUB > PeopleSoft Help > Professional Development > Directions for ProfDev Registration.  If you need to log in to the HUB to see this information, use the following:  Username = nwtc\emplID and Password = network/email password.

Enrolled participants will receive a welcome letter and syllabus from the facilitator shortly before the class start date. If you have not received this information seven (2) days before the class begins, please contact Talent Development at or 920-498-6840.

NWTC – University Partnerships - Graduate Credit for our Certification Offerings


We currently have two partnerships for certification course participants to earn college credits.  To do this, you must “dual enroll” with both NWTC and the institution you select.  All paperwork must be submitted to the degree-granting institution in advance.  Paperwork received more than 24 hours after a class begins will be rejected.  For complete information, please follow one of the links below:

Silver Lake College
If you wish to dual enroll for masters credits:
  1. Provide this information during the registration process.  Be sure to indicate which institution you select.
  2. Remember to register in advance with that institution.  Please note:  no institution will take certification credit and transcribe it after the fact. The institution must receive your registration no more than 24 hours after the course begins – no exceptions.   You are responsible for their tuition and fees.
  3. After the course has ended, you must contact the degree-granting institution to request that an official transcript be sent directly to the certification office at the school where you are employed.

* If you are not employed by NWTC,  go back one page and select the link for “Certification Registration for Non-NWTC Employees”.