Faculty Quality Assurance Requirements

Once you are hired at NWTC, an official copy of your educational transcripts and any related occupational license must be provided.  You will be granted NWTC Initial Assurance and provided a professional development plan that must be completed. 

The license types are:

NWTC Initial Assurance

  • Applies to full and part-time instructional staff teaching credit bearing courses.
  • Requires that you complete the required professional development outlined in a professional development plan which meets the requirements of the Faculty Quality Assurance System .
  • The required professional development includes the following:
    • ​On-Boarding Program
    • Teaching Methods
    • A Day in the Life of Student Services (Student Services Overview)
    • Educational Evaluation
    • Living Inclusively (Diversity Training)
    • On Course Workshop (Student Success Training)
    • Course Construction
    • Data and Evidence Analysis Training
  • All Professional Development must be complete within 3 years for Full-time Faculty and 5 years for Part-time Faculty. 

NWTC Assured Instructor

  • Applies to all full and part-time instructional staff teaching credit bearing courses.
  • Requires that you have completed all of the professional development outlined under the NWTC Initial Assurance professional development plan.
  • Requires that you complete further development within the areas of 
    • ​​Subject Matter Excellence
    • Instructional Excellence
    • Student Success
  • Your professional development goals should be planned with your Associate Dean or Dean within your evaluation.