Theft Prevention

REMINDER: Preventing theft starts with you! 

Theft is the most common type of crime on college campuses. The greatest majority (Over 80%) take place during daylight. The reality is that, most thefts that occur on campuses involve crimes of opportunity – and are easily preventable.  There are many ways in which individuals can protect their property by making themselves a smaller target for thieves – commonly referred to as “target hardening”.  Criminals look for the easy target, don’t give it to them. The NWTC Security Team challenges YOU to practice these important theft prevention techniques, so we may eliminate opportunities for potential theft in our community.  

Get tips on how to prevent:

  • Motor Vehicle Burglary
  • Residential Theft
  • Workplace Theft
  • Identity Theft
  • Bicycle Theft

Download the Theft Prevention Guide (PDF)