Emergency Assistance Phones


On the Green Bay Campus, Emergency/Assistance Phones are located in parking lots C, D, E, F, and G. Each phone has a red light on top and are located on a light pole with a camera and the letter identifying the parking lot location.

Operation of the Emergency/Assistance Phones is easy.  Each phone has just two buttons on the box. The top button is red and the word EMERGENCY is in red next to the button. All the caller has to do is press the red button once, listen for a dial tone and then be connected to a dispatcher at the Brown County Public Safety Emergency Dispatch Center.  The dispatcher will ask what the emergency is.

The location of the phone will automatically be displayed on a screen at the dispatch center.  This will allow for the police officer who is dispatched to the call to know exactly what parking lot to respond to. The caller can continue to speak to the call taker at this time, if they are able to, until the officer arrives.

Each phone has its own phone line, which enables the Public Safety Dispatch Center to isolate exactly what parking lot the call is coming from.

On the bottom of the box is a second button that is now marked INFO but will soon be marked ASSISTANCE. When this button is pressed the call goes to 498-5699 and then is forwarded to the NWTC Security Officer's cell phone. If the caller needs assistance i.e. car won't start, the Security Officer can respond to the location and assist the caller. Again, the caller only has to press the black button once, the caller will hear a dial tone and then hear the Security Officer identify him/herself. The caller can keep talking to the Security Officer and explain their problem.

When the button is pressed the camera located on top of the pole automatically zooms down and records what is occurring.

All of the parking lot cameras at NWTC are operational and recording up to three weeks of historical data. The cameras are in parking lots A, C, D, E, F and G.  There is also a camera mounted on the Burn Tower behind Public Safety.