Sarah V Testimonial

Sarah V Financial Analyst

NWTC Financial Analyst Sarah V

What I do at NWTC and how long I’ve been here:

I have been at NWTC for three years as a Financial Analyst in the Finance department. My position encompasses many tasks, including preparing the Foundation’s monthly accounting, Tax Levy calculations, reviewing Resale and Student Club accounts, Cash Investments, accounting for the cash receipts and disbursements of Financial Aid, and financial surveys and reporting.

How my work relates to student success:

My work is indirectly related to student success.  I help other departments within the College, such as Student Involvement, Financial Aid, and the Foundation.  By supporting other departments, I am able to help them free up their time to work with the students directly.

Why I love coming to work at NWTC:

I enjoy the people that I work with.  We have a fun atmosphere, and we work well as a team.  There is also a creative and problem-solving aspect to my position that challenges me but gives me the freedom to think outside of the box.  Knowing that my work is helping students have a better future makes this the most rewarding job I have ever had.

What makes working at NWTC unique:

Working at NWTC is unique because it isn’t just a job.  This is the future of our friends, family, and community.  Every person who works at the College in every department is a part of each student’s life – whether we realize it or not.  We should all be grateful to have the opportunity to change lives.​