Zianya S., Student Support Specialist Testimonial

Zianya S

I am currently a Student Support Specialist here at the College. I have worked in this office (Student Support Services) for 6 years. In my position I get to work with prospect and currently enrolled students. Part of my role is working with our first generation minority students. I help these students navigate through the matriculation process and help answer any questions or concerns that they may have before enrolling in school. Once a student is enrolled in school, we then case manage these first generation minority students to make sure they understand and know about the resources available to them on campus and hopefully help them be able to persist and graduate.  I also get to work with our Student Emergency Fund and on a daily basis get to meet with students who are in need of things like food, gas, or housing assistance. I not only get to hear their stories but get to be that helping hand that gives them the good news that NWTC cares about them and wants to help them out by giving them assistance through our Student Emergency Fund.

I can see myself working at NWTC for the rest of my career not only because of the flexibility in my work hours but also because there are always opportunities for growth. I enjoy coming in to work not only because I love the team I work with, but also because I get to make a difference every day in a student’s life and that’s something that I feel very grateful for.