Shannon B Testimonial

Shannon B Physics Instructor

NWTC Physics Instructor Shannon B

What I do at NWTC and how long I’ve been here:

I teach physics courses at NWTC, and I have been a faculty member here for two years already!

How my work relates to student success:

I help students create mathematical expressions of the world around them in ways that explain everything from why the sky is blue to how to plan for bungee jumping. Physics is everywhere, so I am fortunate to get to experience students from trades to health and everywhere in between. I work with a lot of programs to keep my course relevant and fun. Because physics should be phun!

Why I love coming to work at NWTC:

I love coming to work every morning because I get to share my passion with students and watch the light bulbs go on ("OH! That's why this happens!" is an all the time thing in our lab). I laugh every day, and usually students are laughing with me. I enjoy building personal relationships and getting a high five or a hug at graduation because I helped someone become who they wanted to be. Being a good teacher means I always matter to someone.

What makes working at NWTC unique:

NWTC is an amazing place because it's personal. Every person has the opportunity to engage and make a space where they make a difference. People are always encouraging you to change and to grow, and the support system to hold you up while you do it is huge! At NWTC, change is scary in an awesome, friendly, challenging, constant way that simply cannot be dull if you're paying attention.​