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Ronnie C., Marketing Instructor Testimonial

Ronnie CI am a marketing instructor, who has a passion for social media marketing. I am on a couple of social media marketing committees for the school and run my own radio show ‘Start Here’ on where I interview NWTC faculty and staff.

I am in my 3rd year teaching full-time, 1 part-time year prior to starting full-time.

My work related to student success is providing or guiding them as an individual. Each student is different, and I treat them so. They each need hear, see, experience something that resonates with them.

I love coming to work at NWTC because the college motivates me. Due to the relationships I have created with faculty, staff, students, and our greater community I go into each day wanting to give more than I get.

What makes working at NWTC unique is change. Change can take on so many definitions for this college. For me, I am given the opportunity to teach, network, learn, and reflect on a daily basis. Change happens every day, and that is exciting.