Lynda R Testimonial

Lynda R Nursing Instructor, Marinette Campus

NWTC Nursing Instructor Lynda R

What I ​do at NWTC and how long I've been here: 

 I have been a Nursing Instructor on the Marinette Campus for almost 14 years.  I teach in the classroom and clinical in both the Practical and Associate Degree Nursing Programs.  But to truly answer how long I’ve been here, I have been with NWTC since I began my nursing education right here in 1988.  Start here, go anywhere!   

How my work relates to student success:  

It takes a village.  Certainly it is important that I had the nursing experience and education to become an instructor, but really we all play a part.  I think that recognizing our entire college as partners in student success is what in the end makes a student successful.

Why I love coming work at NWTC:

I love coming to work because I love the people.  It is fun to work with our students in both the classroom and in the clinical setting.  There’s nothing better than a good aha moment in learning or when a student shares the same passion for the nursing profession that I have.  It’s also very fun to see students from so many other disciplines around campus and knowing that they are also pursuing their dreams.  Lastly, I couldn’t ask for a better group of colleagues both in nursing and within our Marinette Campus; they really are the best! 

What makes working at NWTC unique:

I’m often asked if I miss being a nurse.  I find this question interesting because I am still a nurse.  I feel quite fortunate that I have two professions in one: Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Educator.  To me, there is no better nursing specialty than this!
A unique experience is working with past graduates of NWTC nursing when I am at a clinical site.  It is so rewarding to see these nurses working independently, engaging as members of the profession, and serving as role models and resources for our current students.  I think this lends to a very supportive and successful learning environment.