Lashanda W Testimonial

Lashanda W Administrative Assistant, General Studies

NWTC Administrative Assistant Lashanda W

What I do at NWTC and how long I've been here:

I am an Administrative Assistant in the General Studies Department at NWTC. I assist an Associate Dean, Adult Basic Education Supervisor, and the full and part time Faculty Pathways to Success Program, Career Pathway Bridge Program, and English Language Learners Program. I started working at NWTC in November of 2012 as a Front Desk Receptionist for the General Studies Department. In March of 2013, my position changed to 50% Administrative Assistant, and as of May 2014, my position changed again to 100% Administrative Assistant in the General Studies Department. As you can see, NWTC has offered me many chances to advance in my position.

How my work relates to student success:

I mainly work with scheduling the GED, and Career Pathway Bridge classes for the Basic Ed and English Language Learner students. I believe that setting up their classes correctly and having a schedule that they can follow helps them get to their classes on time and starts them on the right path. Many of the people that achieve the dream of getting their GED or HSED through NWTC return to attend classes in the Career Pathway Bridge Program (CPB). While in the CPB Program they can earn many different certificates that they can use to go out and get a job to provide for their families. Also, I am quite often presented with the opportunity to help students find their classes by printing their schedules for them, showing them where a classroom is located, answering questions about services offered at NWTC, or just simply offering them a smile as I pass them in the hallway.

Why I love coming work at NWTC:

I love coming to work at NWTC because every day is different. I am presented with new projects each week, and I enjoy getting those projects completed.

What makes working at NWTC unique:

My experience here at NWTC has been unique because the individuals here are so nice and welcoming. If you have a question about how a different department works, you can always find someone to help you. Many of the jobs that I have held, my co-workers were worried about outdoing each other. But here at NWTC, we work together to help students, so the competition aspect is non-existent.​​​