Eric V Testimonial

Eric V Part-Time Instructor (Business & IT)

NWTC Part-time Instructor Eric V

What I do at NWTC and how long I’ve been here:  

I've been teaching Business courses as an Adjunct Instructor for NWTC since 2011. 

How my work relates to student success:

One of my biggest goals is to show how each course is very relevant to each of my students, because when they see how important it is for them and their futures, THEN they want to put in the effort to succeed.  I also like to bring in real-life examples which quickly become real-life case studies to reinforce the concepts in the textbooks.

Why I love coming to work at NWTC:  

I really love to work at NWTC because everyone in my department, from the Dean andAssociate Deans to the support staff to the part-time receptionist, truly CARE about the students and what I need to better serve them.  I've taught at other places, and this has not always been the case at other schools. 

What makes working at NWTC unique:  

NWTC is truly exceptional in the professional development and training that the instructors receive.