Scholarship Opportunities

Create a named scholarship

A named, memorial or honorary scholarship is a special way to recognize a loved one or express your own generosity.  With an investment of $500 (average gift is $750), you can associate an individual, corporate or family name with a scholarship.

Create an endowed scholarship

An endowment is a permanent fund in which the principal is invested and a portion of the earnings fund scholarships. Endowed scholarship levels begin at $10,000.

Give to the NWTC Promise Program

This program offers scholarships for eligible, hardworking high school seniors who cannot afford the cost of earning a degree.

Give to the Gear Up Scholarship Fund

This fund offers scholarships for students in select manufacturing/engineering/business programs.  Learn about the Gear Up Scholarship Fund
Remember the NWTC Educational Foundation in your will.

Why Your Support Matters to Students

  • NWTC enrolls approximately 10,000 undergraduate students. However, only 34% of NWTC students attend college full-time, many for financial reasons
  • 50% of students are low income level 
  • 30% of students have children
  • Over half of our surveyed students work more than 20 hours a week

Community Impact

A key component to a healthy community is a high quality of life or standard of living. For many individuals and families, a career can be the direct link to that higher quality of life. NWTC’s goal is to provide learning opportunities for all students that will ensure the successful development and enhancement of a career that sustains family, community, business, and continuous personal growth.