Changing Lives

Change Lives - Change our Community: Our graduates - your workforce

You can help NWTC close the talent gap 
in Northeast Wisconsin 

By contributing to the Changing Lives Campaign you’re helping to develop the 
highly-skilled workforce needed to make 
area companies successful.
Plus, you’re partnering with NWTC to change lives—earning a college credential is a proven pathway to a family-supporting wage.

Why your support matters to your 
business and our community:
  • Two-thirds of Northeast Wisconsin adults age 25 and older have an educational attainment level below an associate's degree.
  • More than half of the job openings in Wisconsin are for jobs that require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree.
  • NWTC grads can obtain a family-supporting wage while staying in their home communities - 71 percent of our 2015 grads work in the District; 97 percent work in the state.
​The possibility of a better life begins
 with higher education. 

Yet each year more students are struggling to make ends meet. Affordability has become a growing barrier to student success. Every day, NWTC students are forced to abandon their pursuit of higher education because of financial hardships.You can help more students graduate
 and become part of your workforce.