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 Prepare for a Job Search

Career Services can help you prepare your job search materials, improve your interview skills, avoid common mistakes and more. Learn more about making your best impression--on paper, on-line and in person!

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Begin Networking and Informational Interviewing

Prepare for an Interview

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Advice from Employers

  • Students need to be taught etiquette (phone and eating). Applicants often get invited for lunch and they don’t know where to put their napkin and how to cut their food.  On the phone they forget to move away from background noise and other distractions while completing a phone interview.
  • Employers appreciate going to a job fair where students ask good questions and are prepared.
  • Students need to know that while social media might be their thing, they can’t do their thing at work.
  • Students also need to know that while business and industry needs to adapt to Gen Y, so too, Gen Y needs to meet business and industry halfway.