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 Career Services Team

Connecting People to Careers​ ​

Employee Photograph Jennifer Pigeon 
(920) 498-6833

​Career Services Manager
Employee Photograph
Kathy Larkin
(920) 498.6250
Career Advisor

I truly enjoy assisting job seekers with their career goals and feel very grateful to have been part of the journey for hundreds of job seekers. Providing leadership to the Career Services team is inspiring and serving customers – students, alumni and the general community – in an equitable manner is my passion.


​As an alumnus of NWTC and UW-Green Bay, I am proud to be an employee at the college that started me off on a new career path midway through my life. I received the encouragement and support I needed to make sure I was on the right path to lifelong employability. It is now my turn to assist students and the community in finding the direction, new or renewed, to a career in which they can enjoy and prosper for a lifetime. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, and have extensive experience working with students with disabilities. It is our goal to serve to your highest expectation and will work as a team to accomplish your dreams.

Employee Photograph
Career Services Specialist
Nancy Semenak.cropped.jpg Nancy Semenak
(920) 498-6250

Career Services Assistant

My primary role is managing WI TechConnect, NWTC's online job posting process, linking employers and students/graduates. I also assist in career exploration for prospective students and give presentations on interviewing and resume writing skills. In addition, I provide career counseling and assist in the development of the Career Fair. 

As part of the Career Services team, I enjoy helping our guests gain knowledge and understanding of the services we offer.  Whether it is helping to create the perfect resume and cover letter or helping someone decide on their education or career path.  I gain great satisfaction knowing I was able to make a difference.

Phyllis Eagle.jpg

Phyllis Eagle

​Career Services Assistant

Employee Photograph Fred Asman

Career Advisor - Accounting, Digital Media, and Business Management
As a graduate of the Administrative Professional program here at NWTC, and my background working with community members in need, I am able to provide each guest with proficient and effective tools to assist during each step of their career journey. I truly enjoy being part of both the beginning and the end of the process as we help guests discover which direction is best for them and how to use their new skills upon graduation.

My primary role is to assist Accounting, Digital Media, and Business Management students with job search strategies and professional skills to increase their opportunities for successful employment.  My experiences in career advising at UW – Oshkosh and now here at NWTC, and my training in counseling help me to assist students with all of the things they need to be successful.  Student success is my number one priority, and I will do everything possible to help each guest achieve their dream. 

Ileana Rodriguez

Career Advisor


Career/ Academic Advisor - IT
I am excited to assist students and community members with all facets of their career planning as well as preparing for internships and their job search process.  Whether you need career direction or just help creating your resume or completing a mock interview, I am here to help you! 

I have a dual role as the Career and Academic Advisor for IT Programs, including Computer Support Technician, Computer Support Specialist, and Network Specialist. I am able to assist students in these programs by helping with career planning and preparation and by advising them regarding academic maters as they work towards graduation.

Pan Hia.jpg
Pa Nhia Lor

Career Advisor - Machine Tool - CNC
​ ​ ​
Mary Nemec
920.498.6250 ​
Career Services Assistant
My primary role in Career Services is to assist Machine Tool-CNC Technician students through our Career Academy program. The Career Academy helps students build their resume and their business network. We also help students find career mentors in their field, provide them with real life work experience, and enhance their employability skills. As a Career Advisor, I will devote my time and effort in helping our students obtain employment and be successful in their desired fields.

​Being on my own distinctive academic/career path has given me a unique perspective when assisting students, alumni and community members. As part of my role in Career Services, I provide our guests with guidance in the creation of cover letters and resumes while also assisting them in deciding on and fulfilling their career goals. I like knowing that I’ve made a difference and that they feel more prepared for what lies ahead when they leave Career Services

​Regina Rudoi

Career Services Assistant
​ ​

​Pamela Branham

Career Services - Work Study


As a Career Services Assistant and Student Ambassador at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, I have treasured my experience working with prospective and current students. I love being part of such a positive and enthusiastic team whose willingness to learn from our guests about their dreams and aspirations gives us the privilege to share with them their best options for success. I have discovered I have a true passion for helping community members and look forward to being part of your journey.

I am a current student in the Administrative Professional Program and have been with Career Services through the Work Study program since September 2014. I have learned a lot about career development strategies and creating effective job search documents and I look forward to utilizing those skills to help others whenever possible.

​Jenny Pace

Career Services - Work Study