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 Academic Advising FAQs

Who should see an academic advisor?

Students who have applied for and have been accepted into a program of study or a program wait list.

When should I see an academic advisor?

At least once per semester, particularly before registration. We recommend that you schedule an appointment several weeks in advance.

How can I contact my academic advisor?

If you have been assigned an academic advisor, his/her contact information can be found by logging in to your my.NWTC account.

What is the difference between an advisor and a counselor?

Academic Advisors are specifically assigned to program students and are familiar with the expectations of the program. Counselors see students who have not chosen or been accepted to a program to provide career counseling. They also provide career, academic and personal counseling to current students as needed.

Why do I need to see an academic advisor?

Academic advisors help students make informed choices about degree and graduation requirements. Advisors can help clarify college policies and procedures and refer students to other campus services as necessary.

What contact does my advisor have with my Program Division?

Academic Advisors have a direct link to the Program they are assigned to. They have regular contact with the Deans and Instructors of the Program and some advisors spend time in the Division on a weekly basis.

How do I meet with my advisor?

Appointments are recommended. You are welcome to walk in to meet with a counselor or academic advisor; however, the advisor for your program may be unavailable at that time and there may be a significant wait during peak periods.

Questions or appointments:
email or call 1-800-422-6982, Ext. 5444