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 Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Team provides a wide range of opportunities for academic and personal support, social and cultural awareness, and is dedicated to dedicated to assisting students achieve success through targeted support services outside of the NWTC classroom.

The Student Support Services Office is located in SC140,
(right next to the Bookstore). The Center for Global Cultures Student Lounge is located in SC139 and is open to all students for social interactions and study groups.

Programs/Services offered through this office include:

  • Minority Support Services
  • Single Parent Program
  • Non-Traditional Occupations Program
  • Dislocated Workers/WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Services
  • Foster Youth Programming
  • Financial Coaching Services
  • Connecting Families
  • Scrubs Closet

Minority Support Services

Student Support Specialists are available to assist all students from a variety of cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds. There is additional focused support for students of the following cultural, ethnic, and social ties:

  • African American
      • Contact: Michael Brown at 920-498-6938
  • American Indian
      • Contact: George Skenandore at 920-498-6975
  • Asian American/Southeast Asian
      • Contact: Wa Yia Thao at 920-498-6895
  • Hispanic/Latino
      • Contact: Gema Garcia at 920-498-6894 or Maria Derouin at 920-498-5588

Single Parent Program

  • A single parent is an individual who is unmarried or legally separated from a spouse, is pregnant or has a minor child or children for which the parent has either custody or joint custody.
  • Child care assistance may be available for students who meet the following qualifications: 
      • Are enrolled in at least six in-person credits of a career and technical  education course
      • Have a licensed or certified day care provider
      • Are not receiving day care assistance from another source
  • Contact: Gema Garcia at (920) 498-6894 or 1-800-422-NWTC, Ext. 6894.  

 Non-Traditional Occupation Services

  • A Non-Traditional Occupation (NTO) has 25% or less of a specific gender employed in the State of Wisconsin.

To learn more about the services available to NTO students, or students considering NTO, check out the NTO service page

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Services

  • WIA is a federal program designed to assist dislocated/laid off workers, adults and youth enter into occupations that are in-demand.
      • Services include: career guidance, job search assistance, referral to other support services, GED attainment, and funding for occupational training.
  • Contact: Angela Wypiszynski at 920-498-6873 or Danielle Zeamer at
    920-498-7132 for additional information.

Foster Youth Programming

  • Student Support Specialist available to assist former foster youth transition into college.
      • Services include: referral to on-campus resources, mentoring, counseling, information on scholarships and grant, as well as referral to community resources.
  • Contact: Martha Bayer at (920) 498-6941 or 1-800-422-NWTC, Ext. 6941.

Financial Coaching Services

  • The Financial Coach can offer financial assistance from building a budget, understanding your credit score, balancing your checkbook and understanding your financial aid and student loans.

Check out the Financial Coaching Services page for additional information!

Student Emergency Fund

  • The goal of NWTC's Student Emergency Fund is to help students at risk of dropping out of college due to unforeseen, unplanned financial emergencies. Students may be eligible to receive short-term financial assistance and have access to financial literary resources, along with student support services within NWTC and the community.

Check out the Student Emergency Fund page for more information!

Connecting Families

  • Connecting Families is an opportunity for parenting students & their families to spend the evening together for dinner, fun, and education. After dinner, an educational presentation is conducted while the kids particpiate in age-appropriate activities provided by the Early Childhood Education faculty and students.
  • Contact: Gema Garcia at (920) 498-6894 or 1-800-422-NWTC, Ext. 6894.

Scrubs Closet

  • CNA, LPN's, ADN's donate used or new scrubs to help their classmates in need. Stop by SC140 if you are in need of scrubs or if you would like to make a donation to the scrub closet.
  • Call 920-498-6258 or stop in Student Support Services for more information.













































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