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 Advising and Counseling

Guidance to help you make the most of your education and career.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is available for those who need assistance in class selection, credit for prior learning, or general information about programs, including admission requirements and academic planning. Academic advisors help students make informed choices about degree and graduation requirements, and can help clarify college policies.

Counseling Services

Counselors assist individuals with choosing a new career path and applying to a degree or diploma program. They also provide career, academic and personal counseling to current students to help them manage the challenges that we all face at times in our academic and personal lives.

Center for Global Cultures

The Center for Global Cultures offers educational and social support to multicultural and international students. The Center provides information and services to help students achieve their educational goals and enhance their experience at NWTC.

Student Support Services

NWTC has developed support services for the following: child care assistance for eligible single parents, dislocated worker coordinated services, non-traditional occupation (NTO) services, and tuition assistance for displaced homemakers. 

Accommodation Services 

Counselors and other support services are available to students with varying physical and mental abilities. The Accommodation Services Counseling Office assists students with choosing educational and vocational goals, building self-esteem, and increasing occupational potential.

Academic Coaching​

One-on-one tutoring, small-group tutoring, and assistance labs are offered to help students who are not attaining academic competencies for a specific course. Labs are available for math, writing, basic computer skills and most science courses. A trained tutor leads group discussions, reviews key material and presents study tips to learners.

Veterans Services​

The Veterans Resource Center, located in room SC138, on the first floor of the Student Center on the Green Bay campus, assists Veterans in applying and utilizing state and federal education benefits, enrolling into college, and academic advisement support.