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 Frequently Asked Questions

How many semesters of Financial Aid may I receive?

The number of semesters of aid eligibility depends on program length and enrollment level at the beginning of the semester (e.g., full-time, three-quarter time, half-time, or less).

You are not able to receive Federal Financial Aid beyond the 150% limit on program enrollment time. If you enroll at various enrollment levels, your maximum semesters limit will be adjusted on a proportional basis.

How often is eligibility evaluated?

Eligibility is evaluated every semester. This will cause a problem if you lose your eligibility over the fall semester, because NWTC has to cancel your Spring Financial Aid. In these cases, tuition deferments are also canceled, and you must arrange to pay tuition with your own resources.

If I am a transfer student, how will prior coursework at another school(s) affect my eligibility at NWTC?

It won't affect your eligibility at NWTC, because your Financial Aid record begins when you are accepted into a program at NWTC. Some State aid, however, is limited to 10 semesters, which includes all schools attended.