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 Financial Aid Updates


NEW! Disbursement and Refund Information

 What is changing?

Effective summer 2014, applying of financial aid funds to NWTC student accounts is moving from the first day of the semester to two weeks after each semester starts.

How does this affect you?

Starting with the summer 2014 semester, if you are awarded financial aid and complete all necessary requirements… 

  • You can expect your financial aid funds to be applied directly to your NWTC student account two weeks after the semester begins to pay for tuition, fees and books (if applicable).
  • You will receive your financial aid refund (if applicable) three to five days after financial aid has been disbursed (i.e., about three weeks after the first day of each semester).
  • Financial Aid funding will be applied based on the number of credits that you are enrolled in.

I need my books when the semester starts, so what do I do?

If you are expecting financial aid in excess of your tuition and fees, you may be eligible to charge your book purchases to your student account using a book voucher. Apply for a book voucher on your my.NWTC account under Finances each semester!

My program requires tools, how will I purchase them?Your instructors will work with the tool vendors to visit your classrooms. The vendors will work with you to setup payment plans so you can get your tools needed. 

I thought tuition was due on the first day of the semester, will my account be past due? 

The Student Finance Office will identify students with anticipated financial aid, and their accounts will not be past due. 

What is Census Date?

It is the date your Pell grant is “locked in” to the number of credits you are enrolled in, which is always two weeks after the semester begins. The Census Date is a requirement of the Department of Education. 

What if I add a class after my aid has disbursed and refunded to me?

Since all aid has been disbursed and refunded, you will be responsible for paying for the tuition and books for the additional class.

  • Pell grant: will not increase if you add a class after Census Date

  • Loans: if the additional class results in you now being enrolled at least half-time, your loans will disburse if you meet all other eligibility requirements and have completed necessary loan requirements.

 What can I do to prepare for this change?

Plan ahead! Think of other expenses you may have during the first two weeks of the semester. Example: Transportation, housing, child care, etc.


Need assistance with budgeting? Please contact our Financial Coach at 920-498-6938. 

 Questions? Contact us!

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