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Financial Aid Disbursement

It is your responsibility to have funds to cover your expenses until your financial aid is available during your enrollment period. No financial aid funds will be disbursed to student accounts until the first day of each semester.

All financial aid funds received are applied to the student’s Student Finance account.  Tuition, fees and books (if applicable) will be deducted, and a refund will be processed and delivered according to the refund preference that you have selected on the web site.  The Student Finance Office makes every effort to process refunds within 10 business days of the date the financial aid was posted to your student account.

Change in Government Regulations

If any of your funds are received by NWTC in the form of a paper check, you will be notified via mail at your home address that you need to endorse the check at the Student Finance Office before the funds can be deposited to your student account.

Disbursement Restrictions

  • Funds will not be disbursed to students who are in default on a student loan, owe any grant repayment, or do not meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy of the College.
  • All financial aid is contingent on the availability of funds.
  • Students must present a current year NWTC ID card or a state driver's license when endorsing a paper check.
  • Students must complete an on-line loan entrance interview requirement before loan funds will be disbursed.
  • Funds are disbursed upon the verification of program and credit eligibility. If your program or enrollment status changes, you must notify Financial Aid.

Charge Your Books to Your Student Account

If you have been awarded financial aid in excess of your tuition and fees you may be eligible to charge your book purchases to your Student Finance account using a Book Voucher.