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  Getting Started Sessions

It's almost time!

We are getting close to completion on our new space!
Please check the room number of your Getting Started Session.
We will be excited to show off our new space SOON!!!


Are you interested in attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College?  We invite you to join us for the next step on your path towards success - Getting Started Sessions! 

 Each session is free! Sessions last 30 minutes!

This session is for you if:

  • You haven't applied to NWTC already
  • You want to start a technical diploma or associate degree
  • You want to know what's required to get into a program
  • You want to know why NWTC is the right choice for you
  •  You want to see the college!!


We will:

  • Talk about the admissions process, both pre-program and program
  • Guide you with what's necessary to apply and meet requirements
  • Direct you as how to get started with your financial aid application
  • Provide you an college tour!  See the areas of the programs you are interested in or are applying to!


The Green Bay Campus has paired our Getting Started sessions with a college tour.  Tours will be facilitated by a Career Coach from our Recruitment department immediately following the Getting Started session.  See schedule below. 

If you are interested in a tour but not able to make a Getting Started & Tour session; click on the link below for more information:

Tour the GREEN BAY Campus 

Registration is required for all sessions.  Please call 920/498-5444 or 888/385-6982 to register.  Provide the class number of the session you would like to attend.


Green Bay Campus


Day Date Time Campus Room Getting


​Mon ​6/1/2015 ​2:00 p.m. ​Green Bay ​SC240 ​53385 ​2:30 p.m.
​Wed ​06/03/2015 ​9:30 a.m. ​Green Bay ​SC240 ​53382 ​10:00 a.m.
​Mon ​06/08/2015 ​2:00 p.m.. ​Green Bay ​SC240 ​53225  2:30 p.m.
​Wed ​06/10/2015 ​9:30 p.m. ​Green Bay ​SC240 ​53386 ​10:00 a.m.
​Mon ​6/15/2015 ​2:00 p.m. ​Green Bay ​SC240 ​53387 ​2:30 p.m.
​Wed ​06/17/2015 ​9:30 a.m. ​Green Bay ​SC240 ​53383 ​10:00 a.m.
​Mon ​06/22/2015 ​2:00 p.m. ​Green Bay ​SC240 ​53243 ​2:30 p.m.
​Wed ​06/24/2015 ​9:30 p.m. ​Green Bay ​SC240 ​53388 ​10:00 a.m.
​Mon ​06/29/2015 ​2:00 p.m. Green Bay ​SC240 ​53390 ​2:30 p.m.

Sturgeon Bay Campus


Day​ ​Date ​Time ​Campus ​Room ​Getting Started
​Wed 5/6/2015 ​10:00 a.m. ​St. Bay ​STB115 28065
​Mon 5/11/2015 5:00 p.m. ​St. Bay ​STB143 28066
Wed 5/20/2015 10:00 a.m. St. Bay STB143 52819
​Wed ​5/27/2015 ​10:00 a.m. ​St. Bay ​STB143 ​52820

Luxemburg Regional Center

Day​ ​Date ​Time ​Campus ​Room ​Getting Started
​Thurs ​5/21/2015 ​2:00 p.m. Luxemburg 107 26932​
If you are interested in the programs below, we do provide info/getting started sessions specific to the program.
Radiography Info (Sessions are approximately 1 1/2 hours):
Day​ ​Date ​Time ​Campus ​Room ​Class #
​Wed        08/12/2015       3 p.m. ​Green Bay BI326 ​53191
Thurs​ ​       09/24/2015        5 p.m. Green Bay​ ​SC132 ​84749

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Info (Sessions are approximately 2 hrs):

Day​ ​Date ​Time ​Campus ​Room ​Class #
​Wed      5/06/2015      3 p.m. ​Green Bay GBHS319 ​27277