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 Frequently Asked Questions-Admissions


5-day Application Window for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Radiography

Applications with all admission checklist items completed before or by September 18, 2015 will be ranked in a competitive process for admission to the waitlist in summer 2016. Any applications received and/or completed after September 18, 2015 will be considered during our next ranking process in September of 2016 (Exact date to be Determined) for admission to the waitlist in summer 2017. Top

Apply to Semester and Program

Your NWTC application requires you to choose a specific program for a specific start date (semester). Unlike 4-year colleges, technical college applications require students to "pick a major" before they apply. Each program, or "major", also has a specific start date. Top

What programs are available now?

Completed Application

Applications are accepted to the program or waitlist based on "date of completed application." The completion date is when all materials are received at NWTC and meet the admissions requirements. If your application is turned in on Monday, but the qualified academic testing and high school transcripts aren't received until Wednesday, the date of completed application will be Wednesday. Top

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers are available if the $30 program application fee or $10 certificate application fee are barriers to applying. Please make an appointment with a Counselor/Advisor for the waiver form. Top

First-come, First-served by date (not time of application)

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are admitted to programs based on date of completed application, not time of application on a particular day. Even for 5-day window programs, only the day, not the time, is important. Top

Negative Service Indicator

Indicators are put on student records for various reasons. Applications will not be accepted from students who have negative service indicators that block registration at the time the application is submitted. Students are welcome to reapply after the indicators are satisfied and removed. For more information on indicators, contact Student Finance (920) 498-6816. Check my.NWTC to see if you have a hold on your account. Top

Out-of-State Applicants

Wisconsin Statute TCS 10 designates three residency categories for the order of admission to a program: District, Non-District State, and Non-State. Non-District and Non-State students are admitted on a space available basis after District students.

See Reciprocity for Michigan and Minnesota exceptions. Top

 Paper Application Processing Fee

Paper certificate or program applications will require $10 paper processing fee for each application. Top

Pre-Program Status

All associate degree and technical diploma applications will start in a pre-program status and students will move into the programs based on successful completion of admission requirements and program capacity. Pre-program status will be noted with a "Z" behind the program code, i.e. NURSE 105431Z. After submitting an application, please refer to your application checklist for pre-program and program admission requirements.

Pre-program students can apply for financial aid and take courses toward the program by following course pre-requisites. Top


If class attendance is interrupted for three or more consecutive semesters, students are asked to reapply to the program and meet the program's entry requirements at that time.

Exceptions are made for students serving in the military reserves or Wisconsin National Guard who have their attendance interrupted for active duty or during a national emergency. Top

Reciprocity Agreements

NWTC has reciprocity agreements with Michigan and Minnesota.

Residency Requirements

Students are considered in-state residents for admission and tuition purposes with one of the following forms of ID:

  • Wisconsin drivers license
  • Current rental or lease agreement with in-state address
  • Payroll stub showing payment of Wisconsin income tax
  • Wisconsin voter registration card
  • 1040 income tax return with in-state address

Students do not have to reside in the state for a certain period of time before they can be considered a resident. Admissions will contact the student if proof of residency is required. Top


Acceptable tests: Accuplacer, ACT, TABE Level A, Compass, or Asset.

Please submit proof of testing to NWTC Admissions. 

Need to complete your testing yet?  NWTC offers Accuplacer testing at all of our campuses and regional learning centers.  Visit the Assessment Center website for hours and information on how to schedule an appointment. Top

 Two Applications

Students are welcome to apply to one associate degree or technical diploma program. If you intend to complete two programs at the same time, you may apply to a second program. Students must register each semester in courses for the degree they choose. Top


NWTC is in compliance with Wisconsin Statute TCS10, which specifically addresses the use of Waiting Lists. When a sufficient number of applications have been received, processed, and accepted to fill the capacity of a program for that term, a Waiting List is established. Top