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 Health Records\Immunization Tracker

How do I get started?

Each program with health records requirements has an informational sheet (see table below). Open the informational sheet and follow the directions, using the program-specific Package Code listed to place an order and begin the process on the website.
  • Click here to watch a video about the details of submitting your health records (best viewed with Internet Explorer, not Google Chrome).

Page 2 of each informational sheet includes ALL of the required tests/immunization documentation that must be submitted for each program.

Click here for Bellin Occupational Health Solutions clinic locations and prices for vaccinations, titers and immunizations. Services are provided at a reduced cost; therefore, they are not eligible to be billed to any health insurance provider. If you do not plan to seek insurance reimbursement, take the pricing sheet with you to receive the services at the reduced rates.

TB Tests at any any Bellin FastCare site are only $15.00 when you tell them you are an NWTC student.


For optimum performance and ease of uploading documentation, it is recommended that you use Mozilla/Firefox as your web browser when navigating to and using the website.

Click here for a link to a free download of Mozilla/Firefox.





Student - Print Health Records Summary.pdf


 Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click the program name to find your informational sheet
and get started!​​
Central Supply Tech Medical Lab Technician
Dental Assistant Nursing Assistant
Dental Hygienist Nursing-Assoc Degree - Full-Time
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Nursing-Assoc Degree - Part-Time
EMT (Background Check & Health Records) Nursing-Practical - Full-Time
EMT-Advanced (Background Check & Health Records) Nursing-Practical - Part-Time
​Fire Medic (Background Check &       Health Records) Paramedic
Health Care Business Services Phlebotomy
Health Information TechnologyPhysical Therapist Assistant​
Human Services Radiography
Medical Assistant - Full-Time Respiratory Therapist
Medical Assistant - Part-Time Surgical Technologist​

What is the cost of the Immunization Tracker?

The cost varies by program based on the type of documentation required by the clinical sites:
Health Care Business Services - $8.00
Nursing Assistant - $15.00
Gerontology, Early Childhood, Instructional Assistant - n/a
Electronics-Biomedical - $30.00
All other Health Sciences and Public Safety programs - $30.00

Scanner Locations & Instructions


Q. I was a student in another program and already have a Health Records card from NWTC. Do I have to do this new process for my new program?

 A. It depends on the program:
1.      Nursing Assistant à Associate Degree Nursing
o   You need to do the new process. ADN requires additional vaccinations. Please establish an account with .
2.      If you were a student in the old program listed below beginning in June 2010 or later, the following situations do not require you to do the new process for the new program listed. Your vaccinations are on file with our Health Records office. HOWEVER, you MUST provide updated documentation to the Health Records office (Room HS301B) for the items that expire (e.g. TB) in order to obtain an updated Health Records card. You are responsible for showing your instructor proof of current CPR certification and the annual flu shot.
OLD Program                                           NEW Program
Practical Nursing going into...                  Associate Degree Nursing
Dental Assistant going into...                   Dental Hygienist
EMT going into...                                       Paramedic
Medical Assistant going into...                 Any program
Associate Degree Nursing going into...    Dental Hygienist 

·         Students with NWTC Health Records cards from the above-listed "old" programs before June 2010 must complete the new process for their "new" program. This is due to the timing of when some vaccination documentation began to be required by our clinical sites. Your NWTC health records file will not contain these records.

        What is the Purpose of this Process?

      Students in all Health Science programs, Public Safety programs, and the Electronics-Biomedical program in the Trades & Engineering Technologies department must submit documentation of completed immunizations and/or tests (e.g. TB testing, Varicella, MMR, Hepatitis B, and more) to NWTC  to fully complete program requirements, and abide by clinical site regulations. 
      NWTC is transitioning from an on-site office and personnel that review each student's health records for compliance, to a web-based program. The new process utilizes the website, the Immunization Tracker section, and is in place to provide students with a location to upload, submit documentation of, and maintain a record of immunizations. The staff at review the documentation and determine if the student has met all the requirements established by NWTC's clinical sites.
      An advantage of the website submission is the life-long record and access of information. Once the information is submitted, it remains in place for students to reference during their education and beyond.
      The website also provides reminder notifications for students required to submit their annual or bi-annual requirements, such as TB tests, flu shots, and CPR renewal.

       Questions about the website? Need help creating an account or uploading documentation?

Please contact CertifiedProfile at 888-914-7279 or

Student Support Representatives available:

Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm EST
Friday 8am-6pm EST
Sunday 12pm-8pm EST