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 Credit for Prior Learning

NWTC recognizes that skills and knowledge may be gained in ways other than through formal classroom or laboratory learning. In order to receive Credit for Prior Learning, you must be officially enrolled in a degree, diploma, or certificate program. Also, a minimum of 25 percent of core course requirements must be taken through NWTC. Specific types of Credit for Prior Learning are:

1. Credit by Secondary School Written Agreement

Students may request credit for prior learning through written agreements between NWTC and accredited high schools in the District. NWTC also honors credit for prior learning agreements between secondary schools and other technical colleges in Wisconsin. View the high school transfer agreements. Students may be awarded credit under the following conditions:

  • The student presents appropriate documentation of successful completion of the course(s);
  • and the student achieved at least a B in course(s).

2. Credit for Youth Apprenticeship Program

If you have completed a state approved Youth Apprenticeship program you may be awarded credit for a specific technical college course(s) under the following conditions:

  • You present appropriate documentation of successful completion of the Youth Apprenticeship program; and
  • You achieved at least a B in Youth Apprenticeship course(s).

3. Credit for Youth Options Program

You may receive prior learning credit for having participated in the Youth Options program while attending a Wisconsin public high school. It is the policy of the College to allow a high school student to enroll in any post secondary course for which the student meets the course admission requirements and the following Youth Options eligibility requirements. you must:

  • Be enrolled in a public high school in Wisconsin and have completed the 10th grade
  • Be in good academic standing and meet course entry requirements
  • Have an acceptable disciplinary record
  • Have the written approval of his or her parent or guardian

4. Credit For International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program, typically studied in the last two years of high school, emphasizes the philosophy of learning. It is a comprehensive curriculum allowing its graduates to fulfill requirements of the various international systems of education. The advancement level at which subjects are taught motivates academically talented students toward greater achievement.

5. Credit For Prior Learning For Journey Level Apprenticeship Training

Apprentices who have completed their training and obtained journey level status are eligible for 32 credits for prior learning toward an associate degree. For information, contact the Welcome Center, SC240, or call 498-5444 or (800) 385-6982. 

6. Credit by NWTC Exam

Credit by exam requests for General Studies and selected Business & Information Technology courses can be submitted through the student portal (my.nwtc).  Credit by exam requests for other courses are available from the Academic Divisions or from designated staff on the Marinette or Sturgeon Bay Campuses.

  • ENROLLED in a class: This exam must be taken within the first 2 weeks of the class start date.  Student is to attend class until credit by exam grade is accepted or declined.  Student must accept/decline the grade within 14 days of taking the exam.  There is no additional fee for credit by exam while enrolled in class. Student will be issued a letter grade for course that will impact student’s GPA.
  • NOT ENROLLED in a class: This exam, if available, can be taken at any time in the school year. The fee is 50% of the tuition per credit and is nonrefundable. Student transcript is updated with “EX” grade and will not affect the student’s GPA.
    You may be granted credit for a specific technical college course(s) by demonstrating competency based on methods determined by the appropriate academic team.
    The assessment may consist of a performance exam, practical exam, portfolio or a combination of methods chosen by the academic team. Only one credit by exam per catalog number can be taken per school year (i.e. 2012 – 2013 school year = June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013).

    This procedure does not apply to standards, qualifications or licenses required by an agency outside the college.


7. Credit By National Exam

You may be granted credit for a NWTC course(s) by receiving a minimally acceptable score on an examination with nationally recognized standards.

National exams include, but are not limited to, the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and nationally recognized exams in specific occupational areas.

  • In granting credit, the College considers the achievement of an acceptable score on the examination and the applicability of the knowledge, skills, and competencies measured by the examination as it relates to the educational program in which you are enrolled.
  • For AP exams, you must receive a score of three or above to be eligible for the awarding of credit for the completion of the appropriate college course(s).

8. Credit For Work/ Life Experience

The forms are available from the Academic Divisions.

You may be granted credit for previous work, life, and military experiences that are comparable in content and level with specific NWTC courses.

Portfolio documentation will be required and assistance in developing a portfolio is available through the Green Bay Campus Communication Skills Lab or the Basic Skills Lab located in your community. 

9. Transfer of Credit From Other Colleges or Universities

To transfer credits from other colleges or universities to NWTC, you must be accepted into an accredited program and provide the NWTC Program Enrollment Office with your official transcripts and records of educational assessments.

The NWTC Program Enrollment Office reviews all requests for transfer of credit and may grant credit if the course content being transferred is equivalent, and if satisfactory grades (C or better) were received.


Decisions involving the granting of prior learning credit may be appealed. All appeals must be in writing and addressed to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services at the Green Bay campus.

10. Transfer of Credit to other colleges or universities