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 NWTC Hispanic American Student Association

        The members of the Hispanic-American Student Association of NWTC, strongly recognize the need for higher education.  Members of NHASA help each other become more successful students by sharing each other's experiences.  Students have the opportunity to meet new people, fundraise, participate in workshops and leadership activities.  
        We emphasize the Hispanic-American educational development, social and cultural promotion, recognize and support programs structured for all students attending NWTC district-wide.

The members of the Hispanic-American Student Association of NWTC are committed to:

  • Promote and preserve Hispanic-American culture and unity.
  • Promoting cross-cultural communication.
  • Support the Hispanic-American students attending NWTC.
  • Advocating for a fair voice in education, and work to increase the enrollment and graduation of Hispanic-American students.
  • Serve as a bridge between the Hispanic-American community and the NWTC faculty, staff and students. 

    Contact us for meeting up dates held bi-weekly in SC140

    Advisor: Gema Garcia | | 920.498.6894

    President: Fernanda Almanza |