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 Service-Learning Testimonials

Testimonials from Students:
"Service-learning projects are just as valuable to me as a student as they are to the business and individuals that I can help in the process."
-NWTC Digital Media Technology Student
"I am particularly pleased that this class has offered this opportunity. Not only has it enriched my life, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some very nice people. The class has offered the opportunity for me to understand what goes behind the scenes, and not just in a classroom setting. It has given me the chance to learn some new insights as to how certain children behave. I think that the fact that the class is being held outside of the academic setting is excellent , especially since it puts into practice everything that we learn in class. It's almost like a trial by fire, learning what actually works, what doesn’t work, and how theory can be applied in real life. This class is an asset. The class must continue, and I for one, will continue to look for more chances like this."
-Early Childhood Program Student
"What stood out to me the most in this class is how happy everyone was now that they had completed their SLE (Service-Learning Experience) assignment. They all felt a sense of accomplishment. They knew they had made someone smile and I think that was something everyone will remember. You could just tell how passionate everyone was about the assignment."
-General Studies Student
Testimonials from Staff and Faculty: 
"Service Learning projects are key to student success, they get our students out in the real world providing invaluable experience."
Solar Energy Technology Instructor