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 Woodland Kitchen and Business Incubator

Woodland Kitchen Business Incubator in Niagara Wisconsin

Do you have a special recipe or food product that you would like to process and sell to the public?

State law requires that these items be prepared in an inspected and licensed commercial kitchen. A shared-use kitchen incubator is a certified, fully-equipped commercial kitchen for use by growers, food processors, caterers, restaurants, chefs, special event food vendors, bakers, groups, organizations, and more!

Interested in learning more, contact the Woodland Kitchen & Business Incubator by phone (715) 589-2768 or email us at

Woodland Kitchen and Business Incubator is now open in the Hillcrest Elementary School Building, Town of Aurora. 

Users of the kitchen will pay an hourly fee, a fraction of the cost of renovating/ converting a home kitchen or building a commercial kitchen.

The facility will support the business aspects of food processing such as:

      • writing a business plan
      • labeling
      • packaging
      • marketing
      • distribution 


Woodland Kitchen will also be available to area restaurants and caterers to
allow them to have greater flexibility in the jobs they take on.   

From Our Kitchen to Yours - Northern Wisconsin

In May of 2011 we received a grant to help increase awareness and distribution of locally made food products made in the NWTC Woodland Kitchen and Business Incubator located in Aurora, Wisconsin. The span of distribution reached surrounding communities in a 75 mile radius.

Many new food entrepreneurs have limited means to promote their products. Through this project we networked with area retailers to support our efforts by agreeing to showcase locally produced products for a limited time. This campaign ended in December of 2011. Our hope was that retailers would decide to continue to help promote these products, which in turn strengthens our communities.

 Kitchen Entrepreneurs:

  • Baked with Attitude (Shortbreads, Biscotti, Healthy Snacks) - produced and distributed by Sally Miller
  • Connie's Sweet Treats (baked goods) - produced by Connie Onsager and distributed by Baked with Attitude
  • Grains and More Bulk Foods, Owners Mindy Angle and Sandra Hedmark
    • Store Hours:
        • Tuesday - Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.,
        • Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
        • Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Jo-Ti's Ravioli (Cheese Ravioli) - produced by Tina Williams
    • Look for Jo-Ti's Ravioli's at the following locations:
      • Central Supermarket, Kingsford, MI
      • Ebeling's Supermarket, Norway, MI
      • Grains and More, Aurora, WI
      • Tom & Jo's, Aurora, WI
      • Pelkins Smokey Meats, Crivitz, WI
      • Pat's Foods, Florence, WI
      • Marcouillers Foods, Niagara, WI
  • Mean Jean's Mustard - produced by Jay Thekan
  • Riley Smoke Haus (smoked snack mix) - produced by Robert and Virginia Riley
  • Yooper Blend (Dressing, Dip, and Marinade) - produced by Michelle Pilkington