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 Marinette Student Involvement

2013 - 2014 Events
​Sept. 5 9:00am Welcome Social
Sept. 11 11:00am - 1:00pm ​Involvement Fair
Sept. 23 - 26 ​6:30pm ​Evening Treats
Sept. 27​ 6:00pm​ ​Double Feature Drive-In  Green Bay Campus
Oct. 2 ​11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting ​Room 129
Oct. 8​ 11:30am​ ​Food for Thought - "Life's Curveball: Overcoming Obstacles" View  Online
 (Link coming soon)
Oct. 16​ 11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting Room 129
Oct. 17​ 11:30am​ ​Food for Thought - "The  US, Drugs, Guns and Mexico"
View Online
(Link coming soon)​
Oct. 31 ​9:00am ​Halloween Treats
​Nov. 4 11:00am ​Tailgate Party
Nov. 6 ​11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting ​Rm 129
Nov. 20​ 11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting Rm 129
Nov. 21 ​All Day ​Great American Smokeout
Dec. 4 ​11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting ​Rm 129
Jan. 27​ ​9:00am ​Welcome Social
Feb. 5 ​11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting ​Rm TBD
Feb. 5​ ​6:00pm ​Family Magic Night:
Dinner & show      
Magician: Todd Migliacci
Green Bay Campus​
Feb. 10 - 13 6:30pm Evening Treats
Feb. 17 ​9:00am President's Day Treats
Feb. 18 ​ ​11:30am ​Food for Thought :- "How to Put More Money in Your Pockets Today!" ​View online 
(link coming soon)
Feb. 19 ​11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting ​Rm TBD
​March 4 ​11:00am ​Mardi Gras Lunch
March 5 ​11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting ​Rm TBD
​March 17 ​9:00am ​St. Patrick's Day Treats
March 19 ​11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting ​Rm TBD
​April 2 ​11:30am ​Student Senate Meeting ​Rm TBD
April 16​ ​11:30am ​Food for Thought -
"Addicted to Plastic"
​View online
(link coming soon)
​April 17 ​9:00am Easter Goodies​
​May 8 ​6:00pm ​Graduation ​UW Theatre Building