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 Amy Kox

NWTC's new Renewable Energy and Sustainable Practices will include training in solar, wind, sustainable building design, alternative fuels, sustainable food supply and other "green" technologies.

The initiative is being led by Amy Kox, architect and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professional. Kox, a certified operator with a master's degree in architecture from UW-Milwaukee, is a strong believer in infusing knowledge of sustainable practices into many industries and college culture.

"I am truly excited to be working with businesses in Northeast Wisconsin to provide this type of training," she said. "These learning opportunities will benefit contractors, business owners, home owners, farmers, and individuals interested in learning about new renewable energy and sustainable practice opportunities."

In addition to supporting business growth, the training can help businesses prepare for technical and regulatory changes, she said.

"Federal and state standards for pollution and efficiency already affect most Wisconsin industries," she said. "Community and voluntary standards raise the bar even higher. Over time, industries that don't have the expertise to adapt to new standards or adopt new technology will face increasing hardship. We want Northeast Wisconsin to have the expertise in place to meet each new challenge and to continue growing in new markets."

For more information about current or planned offerings, contact Amy Kox at (920) 498-6908 or