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 Alumni Mentor Program


A.M.P. is designed to help more minority students graduate by matching second and third semester minority students with an alum who can help guide them through the college experience and into a career.


Purpose: The purpose of the mentor program is to improve completion rates for all associate degree students and reduce the completion gap for minority students.

Mission Statement: The NWTC Alumni Mentor Program (A.M.P.) is committed to serve and support minority student success through a collaborative approach that involves alumni, students, faculty, and college staff. A.M.P. is designed to promote the academic success, retention, and graduation of minority students through mentoring activities that support personal and professional growth.

Benefits to Students
· Learn from someone with a different background and perspective
· Learn about a possible career path
· Gain knowledge, confidence, and support to undertake new challenges
· Receive career development support
· Learn essential networking skills
Benefits to Alumni
· Give back to NWTC by mentoring a student
· Exposure to current students as potential interns and employees
· Opportunity to share your experience and reflect on your career path
· Having an objective sounding board to talk about projects or issues
· Help a student bypass obstacles you may have had to overcome
· Invest in future NWTC alumni
Questions About A.M.P.?
 Contact the Alumni Office: (920) 498-5713 or