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 About the New Health Sciences Learning Labs

​The 13,500 square foot expansion to the Health Sciences Center will provide a safe, hands-on learning environment where students can practice before beginning their mandated clinical requirements.

The new floor will house three new cutting-edge learning labs - a Wellness Lab (prevention), Simulation Center (acute care), and Caregiver Learning Lab (chronic disease management).

The Wellness Lab

NWTC is leading the way for changes in health care through the development of Wisconsin's only associate degree program in wellness. Students in this program will determine baseline fitness levels for clients and create individualized preventative and rehabilitative exercise plans. Studies show that prevention policies and programs can be cost-effective, reduce health care costs, and improve productivity. The Wellness Lab will contain fitness equipment for prescriptive testing, demonstration, and prevention-based learning activities as well as provide an environment where students will create lasting lifestyle changes, especially for those clients with multiple health risk factors. Emphasizing a proactive wellness approach means keeping people healthy longer and helping people recover faster.

The Simulation Center

NWTC will be broadening the focus of its health care programs by building upon its current strengths in the acute/intervention areas, including nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, medical assistant, diagnostic medical sonography, and radiography. The Simuation Center will provide students with realistic basic and complex scenarios that they will face when working with patients. In every simulation situation, the students will assess patients, administer medications, and evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions - all in a safe learning environment. For example, a first semester nursing student will care for a patient who recently underwent replacement surgery, whereas a nursing student nearing graduation will care for a patient in a diabetic crisis. The center will be equipped with the latest training technologies to maximize the learning experience in a realistic yet controlled setting that includes four simulation rooms and four debriefing rooms.

The Caregiver Learning Center

NWTC will become the only facility in Northeast Wisconsin with a homelike lab that is used to prepare students for providing health services. The Caregiver Learning Center will simulate the different challenges students will face providing care in the home and assisted living environments, growing options for those who want to "age in place" or are living with a chronic illness. Some long-term care can be extremely costly and have an effect on the quality of life. In fact, according to Genworth Financial, the cost of living in a nursing home is almost twice as expensive annually as having home health aide services or living in an assisted living facility. Today's patients are demanding more options for both living and dying at home. Therefore, the Caregiver Learning Center will feature four hospital rooms, two home bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room that will double as a wireless classroom. This "home" environment will create a more skilled and experienced level of home health care worker.


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