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 Earn College Credit in High School

Did you know that a three credit class at a university can cost you around $1000?  Did you know a three credit class at a technical college can cost you around $400?  You need to know that you can get credits for free while you are in high school. 

Besides the cost savings, taking college credits while you are in high school allows you more flexibility in scheduling at college later and prepares you for the rigor and expectations of college coursework.

How can I sign up?

There are several options and several things you need to be aware of.  For starters there are 36 high schools in NWTC’s Career Prep District and they all have different menus of offerings.  Here is what might be available at your school through NWTC.  Check with your high school counselor to learn more.

Youth Options:

Youth Apprenticeship:

Advanced Standing:

Transcribed Credit:

The most important thing students need to think about is “are they ready for college rigor?”  Students should be prepared to spend an extra six hours per week studying for these college level courses. 

These course options provide a great opportunity to explore career pathways while in high school. Take advantage of these opportunities - your future will thank you!