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 Career Clusters, Pathways, and Programs of Study

Most of the high schools in NWTC’s Career Prep District have adopted the national 16-Career Cluster model for career planning.  Students are able to explore careers in a variety of pathways depending on the local economy in their school district.

What does this mean for your students?

  1. Career Pathways prepare students for college-level education and careers.
  2. Career Pathways connect academics to real-world applications.
  3. Career Pathways lead to the full range of college-level opportunities.
  4. Career Pathways improve student achievement based upon their design to produce higher levels of achievement in a  number of measureable arenas, including academic and technical scores, high school completion, post-secondary transitions to career and education and attainment of a formal post-secondary credential.

To learn more about Career Cluster, Career Pathways and Program of Study, please visit the WI Career Pathways Website.

This web-based tool was designed to support the momentum of the statewide Career Pathways Initiative.  This user-friendly tool will be an aid to School Districts, Teachers, Administrators, Counselors and most importantly, STUDENTS!