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 Peer to Peer Roundtables

PeerSpectives Roundtable System

PeerSpectives Overview

Based on peer learning, the Edward Lowe Foundation`s PeerSpectives program helps second-stage entrepreneurs and executives in both nonprofit and for-profit fields improve their leadership skills. Roundtables include 8-12 business executives from noncompeting industries and provide a confidential forum where participants share challenges and experiences.


Peer to Peer Roundtable

​What makes our roundtables unique?

  • Trained Facilitators who are experts in peer learning
  • Experience-driven vs. advice-giving
  • Structured protocol that ensures a balanced discussion
  • A proven process that releases the group genius
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​Who should participate in PeerSpectives?

PeerSpectives was designed especially for founders and CEOs of second-stage companies (establishments with 10 to 99 employees and $1 million to $50 million in annual revenue, although these boundaries fluctuate, depending on industry). Roundtables are created based on companies of similar size.

What is key is that participants have the aptitude and appetite for growth.

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​Who should participate in PRESS roundtables?

  • Owner, founder, CEO or President of a 1st stage company with 3 to9 employees and $500,000 or more in annual revenue
  • Recognizes the company`s capacity to grow into the next stage
  • Willing to commit up to four hours each month for eight months a year
  • Possesses limited experience in growing a company beyond the 1st stage



Benefits Of Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

  • The ability to discuss sensitive business challenges with peers who know what you are going through
  • Just-in-time solutions you can put into practice
  • Confidentiality is crucial. What is said in PeerSpectives stays in PeerSpectives.
  • Participants share experiences, but do not give advice.




"I've been in the Livonia roundtable since it started in 2007, and I really look forward to those four hours each month. Our group has formed a very strong bond and sense of trust. It`s a stress reliever because I can discuss things that I may not want to talk about with my family or people at work."

"From roundtable discussions, I`ve gotten new ideas about cash flow management, how to better communicate with bankers and leverage assets. Other big takeaways have been on personnel. In the past, I didn`t look ahead and anticipate staffing needs, which resulted in hiring too quickly- and bringing on the wrong candidates. Now I`ve learned to be proactive and be on the lookout for candidates before we become desperate. I`ve also learned how to handle the firing process better and do it with grace and respect. No leader likes firing anyone, but it`s important to prune the garden at times in order for it to grow."

"Another advantage of PeerSpectives, our facilitators keep participants up-to-date on state and federal assistance available to small businesses. As a result, RTI is benefitting from a state grant that provides professional training for senior staff to learn to diversify our product and client base."

                 -Jerry Singh, president and general manager of RTI Laboratories in Livonia, Michigan


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​​​What are the costs and time commitments?

  • PeerSpectives roundtable sessions typically last 3 to 4 hours, are held on a monthly basis and have an annual membership fee of $1475.
  • PRESS roundtables (for companies under $1 million) have a similar structure; lasting 3 to 4 hours, are typically held 8 times annually and have an annual membership fee of $895.


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