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 Lesson Plans and Activities

Internationalizing Curriculum -- Intercultural Activities -- Various Programs -- Working Papers and Reports

CCID - Community Colleges for International Development and the CCI Program - are important initiatives which brings international students to the United States.

NAFSA - Explore international education - Access the information, training and networks international educators and administrators.

Internationalizing Your Curriculum - Lacy Frewerd, Kinga Jacobson, Timothy Yandila, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Internationalizing Teaching and Learning Wiki - Professor Gavin Sanderson

Internationalizing By Design - An on-line tutorial for UM faculty

Bibliographies on Internationalizing Higher Education and Internationalizing the Disciplines.

U.C. BERKELEY Online Resources for Internationalizing the Curriculum is a web site that lists recommended content links for internationalizing curriculum, including links to resources for area and world studies. The site also provides links to international education resources at University of California, Berkeley.

The Inter-Association Network on Campus Internationalization is a group of 12 organizations and higher education associations dedicated to campus internationalization and global learning. Its Resources for Campus Internationalization, the common portal of the INIC, provides an overview of and access to each association's information and resources in internationalization.

Pulitzer Center - Ideas on globalizing your class, making connections to the local community, aligning your curriculum with Common Core standards, or bringing your units with journalists fresh from the field.

The Inter-Association Network on Campus Internationalization is a group of 12 organizations and higher education associations dedicated to campus internationalization and global learning. Its Resources for Campus Internationalization, the common portal of the INIC, provides an overview of and access to each association’s information and resources in internationalization.

Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education based in Michigan. MIIIE - Modules for Accounting, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Education, English, Foreign Language, Geography & Geology, Health Sciences, History, Humanities, Law Enforcement, Literature, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Office Information Systems, Philosophy, Physics & Astronomy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Technologies, and Travel.


Culture Busters - Introduce international students to US cultural situations such as punctuality. - NAFSA

A World of Japan - To introduce Japan rich cultural tradition to student, faculty and staff members. –NAFSA

PBS Frontline, Global Economics - Teaching activities.

Uftalander This activity help one understand how it feels to not understand another language.

Ice Cream Social This activity helps people of different backgrounds find commonalities among each other as well as embrace their differences. It is especially successful helping international and American students get to know each other and promote interaction.

The Ideal Country This activity is for team building. Students are to invent a country literally from the ground up.

Broken Squares Participants are put in a high pressure situation similar to early experiences in a new culture with this brief human relations exercise. Students cannot talk or use any other non-verbal communication yet must figure out how to take or ask for puzzle pieces.

How Do We Analyze A Global Issue? The major goal of this activity is to provide students with an analytical tool by which to examine any global issue.

Passport - Passport allows students to look up and compare market research information in several countries at once. (This link provides access to current NWTC students and staff. Check with you institute's library for access.)

SIRS Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints - Faculty can have students to browse the different controversial issues and choose a side to defend. (These links provides access to current NWTC students and staff. Check with you institute's library for access.)


International Labour Organization ILO - The ILO is the international organization responsible for drawing up and overseeing international labour standards. It is the only 'tripartite' United Nations agency that brings together representatives of governments, employers and workers to jointly shape policies and programmes promoting Decent Work for all. This unique arrangement gives the ILO an edge in incorporating 'real world' knowledge about employment and work.

globalEDGE - Created by the International Business Center at Michigan State University, globalEDGE is a knowledge web-portal that connects international business professionals worldwide to a wealth of information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities. The following are links that will direct you to available online course modules; Culture; International Negotiations ; World Religions.

World Resources Institute - The World Resources Institute provides a wealth of interesting information related to the environment and business, and how to successfully manage the two of them. Their content covers such topics as climate, energy, and transport, governance and access, markets and enterprise, and people and ecosystems. The site also has information on programs and projects of the institute.

International Policy Network - IPN addresses a range of issues broadly related to development, the environment, health, trade and accountability. IPN’s current projects address issues ranging from access to clean water and safe medicines to climate change and foreign aid.

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - The goal of the Hong Kong Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance is promoting urban development with closer attention to the environment. The site is used for large-scale development projects that are to be implemented to research, forecast, and evaluate the impact of business operations on the environment. This site is available in English and Chinese. - This website provides basic information to help you design, develop, market, and lead study abroad programs. It was created for college professors, but is also relevant to high school teachers, study abroad professionals, and others who lead and/or manage groups of people abroad.

Eldis - This site provides online resources pertaining to corporate social responsibility. The content includes summaries and links to online to over 26,000 full text free downloadable documents, a guide to regions such as Latin America, Middle East, South Asia and more on their key issues, a directory of websites, a resource guide and email discussion lists.

Script for Guided Visualization for Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation -NAFSA

Abroad View - "Abroad View delivers substance with a sense of humor through a compelling collection of department and feature stories. From academics to adventure, identity to engagement, it is the only publication as dynamic as the life-changing experience of living and learning abroad."

The Choices Program - Teaching resources on historical and current international issues, provides professional development for classroom teachers, and sponsors programs that engage students beyond the classroom.

Free International Business and Trade Lesson Plans - Speaking Globally

Global Issues in Context - Global Issues in Context is a pay for electronic resource that offers global perspectives on issues of international importance and current world events and topics in the news related to these issues. Global Issues in Context ties together a variety of sources to present a rich analysis of issues — social, political, military, economic, environmental, science related, cultural, health-related — and headlines in world hot spots. Applicable for History, Political Science and Social Studies courses, Global Issues in Context is also ideal for Health Studies courses.

PBS Frontline, Global Economics - Various teaching activities

International Business Cultures and Marketing Strategy - Students research business practices in different countries and create a PowerPoint Presentation that they will share with the class. Students will prepare support materials to accompany their presentations. This is a Commerce and Information Technology Lesson Plan.

International Trade in a Global Village - Students research the spread of AIDS and report on how this problem has been affected by changes in global transportation and trade. They create multimedia presentations highlighting their findings.

Deliberating in a Democracy - Globalization and Fair Trade – Lesson Plan Understand the role of globalization in promoting the international exchange of ideas, goods, and capital and in creating dramatic economic and social challenges in democratic and nondemocratic societies.

Critical Analysis of UN Peacekeeping - Synopsis: Students should be able to explain what is involved in a peacekeeping mission and articulate why different actors would or would not support this arm of the UN. Develop argument analysis skills by identifying an author’s principle argument and the underlying assumptions behind it. Hypothesize how an argument would be different if the author had anchored it on alternate assumptions. -Tracy Poindexter, UCSB Political Science.

Lesson planet® - The Lesson Planet solution helps teachers find lesson resources, correlate them to standards, and organize curriculum. Our tools provide a time-efficient way to inspire teaching with fresh ideas. Free Trial available.

Education Materials Plan's free development education materials include lesson plans, activities, publications and games. Some of Plan's fundraising organizations also offer school linking programs, which directly connect schools in developed countries to those in developing countries. Students get to share lesson activities and exchange thoughts and experiences with each other.

World Issues: Whose Side Are We/They On? The goal in this lesson(s) is to develop in students the ability to identify significant and meaningful issues as they peruse the newspapers, periodicals, television, or Internet sources. T hey should gain the understanding that most issues and challenges are interrelated, complex and changing, and that most issues have a global dimension in which the United States, and they personally, may well have a stake. Additionally, students will develop a conscious awareness of the nature of strongly held positions and how they must be examined for the relative truths involved.

University Classroom Exercises University Classroom Exercises have been designed to assist instructors of human rights by supplying a week’s worth of time-tested one-day curricula for the classroom. The Exercises serve as practical supplements to instructors’ current course syllabus, and may assist as well in generating new courses on Human Rights where none presently exists in the college or university classroom.

Human Rights


Human Rights Watch is one of the world's leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.

WITNESS is an international nonprofit organization that has been using the power of video and storytelling for 20 years to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses.

Youth For Human Rights The purpose of YHRI is to teach youth about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and inspire them to become advocates for tolerance and peace. YHRI has now grown into a global movement, including hundreds of groups, clubs and chapters around the world.

Program Implementation At no charge to educators, Youth for Human Rights International provides a complete package of teaching tools—including a teacher's guide, booklets and videos—that can be used in any classroom globally.

Plan Founded 75 years ago, Plan is one of the oldest and largest children's development organizations in the world. They work in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty.

Popular Education for Human Rights Popular Education for Human Rights is a trainer’s guide for human rights activists. The manual was designed for non-formal education, and gives teachers options appropriate for participants with minimal literacy skills. The emphasis is on the concerns of marginalized groups including the rural poor, women and children. The participatory exercises can, as well, be used in formal education.

Human Rights Activities for College/Adult Human Rights Humane Education Activities feature lesson plans & activities that explore issues related to the rights of all humans of all ages and types. Activity topics include everything from discrimination and genocide to oppression and sweatshops


Globalization, the Business Cycle, and Macroeconomist Monitoring -S. Boragan Aruoba, Francis Diebold, M. Ayhan Kose, and Marco Terrones, authorized by Stijin Classen and Jorg Decressin.

India's Financial Globalisation - Aiay Shah and Ila Patnaik, authorized by Prakash Loungani

Globalization and Corporate Taxation - Manmohan Kumar and Dennis Quinn, authorized by Michael Keen

Balance Sheet Network Analysis of Too-Connected-to-Fail Risk in Global and Domestic Banking Systems - Jorge A. Chan-Lau, authorized by Robert Rennhack

Challenges to Monetary Policy from Financial Globalization: The Case of India - Charles F. Kramer, Hélène K. Poirson, and A. Prasad, authorized by Kalpanan Kochhar

21st Century Knowledge and Skills in Educator Preparation -The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills

This report draws on three sources of original research: The 2011 Globalization Survey, an online survey of 992 global business executives conducted for Ernst & Young by the Economist Intelligence Unit; in-depth interviews with senior executives and high-level experts conducted at end-2011; and data from Ernst & Young’s Globalization Index 2011, which measures the 60 largest countries by GDP according to their degree of globalization. – Earnest and Young online

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