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Web Development Program Code 101522

Associate Degree

Offered at the Green Bay campus. For information: (920) 498-5444. Toll-free: (888) 385-6982.

This program is fully eligible for financial aid.

The Web Development program prepares learners to integrate web technologies to support internet-based business systems and websites using concepts in design and programming.

Employment Potential

A graduate of the program will have the potential for employment as a:

Web Developer: designs, implements, and maintains internet and internet web applications/sites.

Web Technical Support: develops and maintains internal system support processes and coordinates the integration of the web with other computer systems.

Web Analyst: track and analyze key business metrics related to web activities.

Some positions may require additional education and/or work experience.

The following certificates/technical diplomas may be applied toward this program:

. 901522, Web Application Programming
. 901352, Web Design
. 311523, Web Application Programming Technician
. 311522, Web Design Technician Technical Diploma

Program Outcomes

. Develop, build, and configure dynamic and interactive websites or applications.
. Produce effective, web-optimized graphics.
. Ensure cross-platform and cross-browser website usability.
. Create functional and efficient website navigation.
. Create a database design and effective interface to support a web application and a variety of web campaigns.
. Understand the infrastructure required to support a robust website or application.
. Understand the importance of and techniques for search engine optimization.
. Install, configure and customize websites in a Content Management System.
. Explore analytical tools available to measure effectiveness of websites and web campaigns.
. Develop an approach to remain current with web development trends.

Requirements for Program Entry

. Completed application.
. High school transcript or equivalent. For a list of equivalents, go to
. Completed one year of high school algebra or equivalency.
. Computer familiarity and ability to use a keyboard and mouse.
. Minimum typing speed of 30 wpm.
. As a requirement for program entry, an Academic Skills Assessment (Accuplacer) with appropriate benchmark scores is necessary. Program benchmarks are Arithmetic, 65; Reading Comprehension, 55: Sentence Skills, 75. Students not meeting these benchmarks or the equivalent will be required to establish an individualized academic plan. Students may have the opportunity to enroll in selected program core courses while completing their individualized plan. Upon completion of the plan, students will be eligible for all program courses. However, higher test scores will lead to greater success in core program courses. To learn more about these assessments and program benchmark scores, please contact a counselor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.


Students following the study plan below will complete the Web Development associate degree in the number of semesters shown.


10-111-101 Macintosh-Image Editing
10-150-144 IT:Network:Operating Sys Fund
10-152-185 Website Coding
10-154-125 IT:Web:Database Development
10-804-133 Math & Logic
* 10-890-101 College 101

10-135-115 Online Search Strategies
10-135-150 Web Graphic Design
10-152-184 IT:Web:Programming-SQL
10-801-136 English Composition 1
10-801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Comm
10-809-199 Psychology Of Human Relations

10-102-100 Bus and Info Tech Occup Prep
10-135-151 Website Design
10-135-155 Web Content Management Sys
10-152-180 IT:Web:Scripting-JavaScript
10-152-182 IT:Web:Scripting-PHP
10-809-103 Think Critically & Creatively

10-135-180 Web Campaign Management
10-135-185 Web Emerging Technologies
10-135-199 Web Dev Internship Practicum
10-135-197 Web Dev Field Research
10-152-183 IT:Web:Scripting-ASP.Net
10-809-172 Intro to Diversity Studies
10-809-195 Economics


Curriculum Note
*The credit for 10-890-101, College 101 is an Institutional Requirement for graduation. Consequently, it is not part of the program credit requirement.


These courses provide an opportunity for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding required for employment in this field.

10-102-100 BUS AND INFO TECH OCCUP PREP exploration, self- exploration, career planning, career placement, job seeking skills. This course should not be taken before the 3rd semester or completing at least half of the core program courses.

10-111-101 MACINTOSH-IMAGE EDITING ...(Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Acrobat) scanning, editing, color correcting and creating composite montage photographs. Prepare images for publication in print. An introduction to manipulating bitmap images.

10-135-115 ONLINE SEARCH STRATEGIES ...understanding of how search engines relate to the success of a website or web-based business by investigating the primary search engines and the tactics that can be used to increase visibility within search engines.

10-135-150 WEB GRAPHIC DESIGN ...(Adobe Photoshop) design and prepare graphics for the web including graphics for backgrounds, rollover effects, navigation, and badges. Also includes techniques for optimization and transparency. (Prerequisites: 10-111-101, Macintosh Image Editing; 10-152-185, Website Coding)

10-135-151 WEBSITE DESIGN ...(Adobe Dreamweaver) use standards based HTML5 and CSS3 to design, develop and deploy websites; including: browser compatibility, FTP, forms, multi-media, RSS, and site management. (Prerequisite: 10-135-150, Web Graphic Design; 10-804-133, Math & Logic)

10-135-155 WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ...(WordPress CMS) install, configure and customize using themes and plugins. Analyze security, user management, blog usage and mobile development. Develop using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. (Prerequisite: 10-135-150, Web Graphic Design)

10-135-180 WEB CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT, execute, analyze and report upon web campaigns with the use of databases. Explore techniques and tools to monitor campaigns. Execute post-campaign measurements and ROI analysis. (Prerequisites: 10-135-151, Website Design; 10-154-125, IT:Web:Database Development; 10-801-136 English Composition 1)

10-135-185 WEB EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES upcoming web technologies. Learn strategies to remain current in web technology trends. Explore a variety of trusted sources for trend information. (Prerequisite: 10-135-151, Website Design; 10-801-136 English Composition 1)

10-135-197 WEB DEVELOPMENT FIELD RESEARCH ...alternative to employment approved by the instructor with related projects and discussion. May include in-depth study of an industry, business, career, or job shadowing. (Prerequisites: 10-801-136, English Composition I; 10-804-133, Math & Logic; Corequisite: 10-102-100, Bus and Info Tech Occup Prep)

10-135-199 WEB DEVELOPMENT INTERNSHIP PRACTICUM ...practical, hands-on experience applying skills developed in the program at an approved site with supervision by an employer and the instructor with related projects and discussion. (Prerequisites: 10-801-136, English Composition I; 10-804-133, Math & Logic; Corequisite: 10-102-100, Bus and Info Tech Occup Prep)

10-150-144 IT:NETWORK:OPERATING SYSTEM FUNDAMENTALS ...installation of Windows client, Windows Server and Linux Server operating systems. Basic networking topologies and protocol fundamentals. Application installation including Simple Mail Transport Protocol, File Transfer Protocol, and Web server technologies.

10-152-180 IT:WEB:SCRIPTING-JAVASCRIPT ...integrate JavaScript into interactive HTML5 pages, create user-defined functions, complete form validation, use objects within the Document Object Model, debug code, and test browser compatibility. (Prerequisite: 10-152-185, Website Coding)

10-152-182 IT:WEB:SCRIPTING-PHP ...use PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Apache to create standards based websites. PHP is used to connect to a MySQL database and retrieve site content. PHP is also used to organize the HTML5. (Prerequisite: 10-154-125, IT:Web:Database Development)

10-152-183 IT:WEB:SCRIPTING-ASP.NET interactive, database-driven websites with ASP.NET and C# with Visual Studio, handling web form events, using ASP.NET controls, designing master pages, managing state, and interacting with databases with ASP.NET data-bound controls. (Prerequisites: 10-154-125, IT:Web:Database Development; 10-152-180, IT:Web:Client Script-Javascript; 10-804-133, Math & Logic)

10-152-184 IT:WEB:PROGRAMMING-SQL ...write queries in a relational database: creating tables, setting primary/foreign keys, populating tables, manipulating data and reporting. Explore join types, stored procedures, functions, and database administration SQL statements. (Prerequisite: 10-154-125, IT:Web:Database Development)

10-152-185 WEBSITE CODING ...create code for generating the structure, function, and design of static websites using standards-based HTML5 and CSS3; validate code; test multi-browser and multi-device functionality.

10-154-125 IT:WEB:DATABASE DEVELOPMENT ...database uses, database terminology, analyzing information requirements, data models, database design phases, entity relationships, normalization processes, database management systems, database objects, development environments, creating tables, writing queries using SQL, testing.

10-804-133 MATH & LOGIC ...students will apply mathematical problem solving techniques. Topics will include symbolic logic, sets, algebra, Boolean algebra, and number bases. (Prerequisites: Accuplacer-Arithmetic score=65 or ACT-Math score=15 or 10-834-109, Pre Algebra AND Accuplacer-Reading=55 or ACT-Reading=15 or 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills with "C" or better OR equivalent) 3 cr.

10-890-101 COLLEGE 101 ...develops tools and strategies that support success in college. Focuses on study skills, college resources, goal setting, time management, and learning styles. Introduces concepts for self assessing learning and completing an Exit Assessment that provides evidence that learning took place. Students should take this course prior to or during the first semester of their programs. 1 cr.

10-801-136 ENGLISH COMPOSITION 1 ...learners develop knowledge/skills in planning, organizing, writing, editing. Students will also analyze audience/purpose, use elements of research, format documents using standard guidelines, and develop critical reading skills. (Prerequisite: Accuplacer-Sentence Skills =75 AND Accuplacer-Reading =55 OR ACT-English =16 AND ACT Reading =15 OR 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing or 10-838-105, Intro to Reading and Study Skills with "C" or better OR equivalent) 3 cr.

10-801-196 ORAL/INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION ...the communication process, perception and self-concept, language, listening, nonverbal communication, interpersonal relationships, communication in groups and public communication; prepare and deliver an oral presentation. (Prerequisite: Accuplacer- Reading =55 and Accuplacer Sentence Skills=60 OR ACT- Reading =15 and ACT English=16 OR 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills or 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing with "C" or better OR equivalent) 3 cr.

10-809-199 PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMAN RELATIONS ...decision making, motivation, conflict resolution, learning strategies, growth and adjustment, diversity, psychological theories, relationships, psychological disorders, stress, career analysis, social psychology, and lifespan development. (Prerequisite: Accuplacer-Sentence Skills= 60 AND Accuplacer-Reading =55 OR ACT-English =16 AND ACT Reading =15 OR 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills or 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing w/ a "C" or better OR equivalent) 3 cr.

10-809-103 THINKING CRITICALLY & CREATIVELY ...instruction in realistic/practical methods of thinking, including decision making, problem solving, analyzing ideas, troubleshooting, argumentation, persuasion, creativity, setting goals/objectives. Students apply strategies/tools in a variety of situations. (Prerequisite: Accuplacer-Sentence Skills= 60 AND Accuplacer-Reading =55 OR ACT-English =16 AND ACT Reading =15 OR 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills or 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing w/ a "C" or better OR equivalent) 3 cr.

10-809-172 INTRO TO DIVERSITY STUDIES...basic American values of justice and equality by teaching vocabulary, history of immigration/conquest, transcultural communication, legal liability, multicultural majority/minority relations, ageism, sexism, gender, sexual orientation, the disabled/ADA. (Prerequisite: Accuplacer-Sentence Skills= 60 AND Accuplacer-Reading =55 OR ACT-English =16 AND ACT Reading =15 OR 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills or 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing w/ a "C" or better OR equivalent) 3 cr.

10-809-195 ECONOMICS ...scarcity, resources, alternative economic systems, growth, supply and demand, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation, unemployment, and global economic issues. (Prerequisite: Accuplacer-Sentence Skills= 60 AND Accuplacer-Reading =55 OR ACT-English =16 AND ACT Reading =15 OR 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills or 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing w/ a "C" or better OR equivalent) 3 cr.

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