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Structural Systems Program Code 314754

1 Year Technical Diploma

Offered at the Green Bay campus. For information: (920) 498-5444. Toll-free: (888) 385-6982.

This program is fully eligible for financial aid.

The graduates of Structural Systems will be the people that build the body of the building. They will be the carpenters, masons and concrete workers. These students will have entry level skills pertaining to the structural elements within the construction field. Credits from this program will transfer to the Construction Technology associate degree.

Employment Potential

A graduate of this program will have the potential for employment in the following areas:

Carpenter Helper: will assist Carpenters in all areas of building construction; installs interior and exterior finish surface materials, interior floor and ceiling specialties, rough framing, building layout, stair construction, and interior trim.

Mason Helper: will assist Mason with brick and/or other types of masonry to construct foundations, walls, fireplaces, smokestacks, arches and similar structures.

Concrete Finisher Helper: assists Concrete Finisher with placing, finishing, protecting and repairing concrete in engineering and construction projects.

General Laborer: performs basic yet important physical work tasks at building construction sites.

With additional education and/or work experience, graduates may find other opportunities for employment.

. Carpenter
. Mason
. Concrete Finisher

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

10-475-2, Construction Technology associate degree


. A “C” or better in BOTH 31-801-385, Communicating-Writing and 31-801-386, Communicating Effectively will satisfy the Construction Technology Associate Degree requirement for 10-801-196, Oral/Interpersonal Communication.
. A “C” or better in 10-804-101, Math 1-Trades will satisfy the prerequisite to enroll in the Construction Technology Associate Degree course 10-804-107, College Mathematics.

Study Abroad Opportunities

The International Studies staff continually seeks opportunities for students to travel abroad for educational experiences that may be offered in association with program courses. To find out more about which of your program courses may offer an opportunity during this academic year, contact your academic advisor.

Program Outcomes

. Produce structural drawings and details for residential and commercial buildings.
. Explain the design and construction process.
. Display a positive attitude towards the profession.
. Choose appropriate materials for use in building construction.
. Estimate materials required for construction.
. Interpret structural layouts.

Requirements for Program Entry

. Completed application.
. High school transcript or equivalent. For a list of equivalents, go to
. As a requirement for program entry, an Academic Skills Assessment (Compass) with appropriate benchmark scores is necessary. Program Benchmarks are Pre-Algebra: 17; Reading: 70; Writing Skills: 60. Students not meeting these benchmarks or the equivalent will be required to establish an individualized academic plan. Students may have the opportunity to enroll in selected program core courses while completing their individualized plan. Upon completion of the plan, students will be eligible for all program courses. However, higher test scores will lead to greater success in core program courses. To learn more about these assessments and program benchmark scores, please contact a counselor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.


Students following the study plan below will complete the Structural Systems technical diploma in the number of semesters shown.


10-403-101 Blueprint Reading 1
10-410-101 Site Development
10-410-102 Footing Systems
10-410-103 Foundation Systems
10-410-104 Floor Framing Systems
10-449-112 OSHA 30
10-804-101 Math 1-Trades
* 10-890-101 College 101
31-801-385 Communicating-Writing
31-801-386 Communicating Effectively

10-403-102 Blueprint Reading 2
10-408-100 Masonry
10-410-105 Wall Framing Systems
10-410-106 Roof & Ceiling Framing Systems
10-410-107 Stair Systems
10-410-108 Uniform Building Code
10-410-109 Material Estimating


Curriculum Note
*The credit for 10-890-101 is an Institutional Requirement for graduation. Consequently, it is not part of the program credit requirements.


These courses provide an opportunity for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding required for employment in this field.

10-403-101 BLUEPRINT READING 1 ...drawing development/equipment, blueprints, plot and building layout, scaling and dimensioning practices, symbols, specs, codes, materials and uses.

10-403-102 BLUEPRINT READING 2 ...blueprints as they relate to the mechanical trades and applied specifications and codes to blueprints; emphasis on residential and commercial. (Prerequisite: 10-403-101 Blueprint Reading 1)

10-408-100 MASONRY ...this course will give students basic understanding of mason trades with emphasis on brick, cement and safety for the trade. Careers in masonry will also be discussed.

10-410-101 SITE DEVELOPMENT ...students will understand the basics of building layout including heights and surveying and what the start-up phase in construction entails.

10-410-102 FOOTING SYSTEMS ...footings with an emphasis on construction and different types of footings; layout and format are also included. (Corequisite: 10-410-101, Site Development)

10-410-103 FOUNDATION SYSTEMS walls with an emphasis on the construction of foundation walls, different types of foundations (block, concrete, wood), insulation and water proofing of foundation walls. ICF will also be covered. (Corequisites: 10-410-101, Site Development; 10-410-102, Footing Systems)

10-410-104 FLOOR FRAMING SYSTEMS ...this course teaches all aspects of floor construction and flooring system construction. (Corequisites: 10-410-101 Site Development; 10-410-102 Footing Systems; 10-410-103, Foundation Systems)

10-410-105 WALL FRAMING SYSTEMS ...this course will cover wall building and wall systems from standard wood or metal framing to tip-up pre-cast panels. (Prerequisite: 10-410-104, Floor Framing Systems)

10-410-106 ROOF & CEILING FRAMING SYSTEMS ...course will encompass all roof and ceiling systems from trusses to steel to pre-cast concrete. (Corequisite: 10-410-105, Wall Systems)

10-410-107 STAIR SYSTEMS ...the stair framing course will encompass all aspects of stair construction. (Corequisite: 10-410-105, Wall Systems; 10-410-106, Roof & Ceiling Framing Systems)

10-410-108 UNIFORM BUILDING CODE ...this course will teach the basic requirements for the erection of buildings inhabited by the public for living, work and pleasure.

10-410-109 MATERIAL ESTIMATING ...perform material and labor cost estimates of building foundations, floor systems, superstructures, and exterior and interior finish systems.

10-449-112 OSHA 30 ...addresses OSHA 29CFR1926 rules and is approved by OSHA for construction workers, foremen, job supervisors, and anyone involved in construction trades. Successful participants receive 30-hour card from OSHA.

10-804-101 MATH 1-TRADES ...provides the opportunity for the learner to develop the knowledge skills process and understanding of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, measurement, trigonometry, integers, algebraic equations, word problems, and practical plane geometry. (Prerequisites: Compass Pre-Algebra=17 or ACT-Math score=13 or 10-834-109, Pre Algebra AND Compass-Reading=70 or ACT-Reading=15 or 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills with "C" or better OR equivalent) 2 cr.

10-890-101 COLLEGE 101 ...develops tools and strategies that support success in college. Focuses on study skills, college resources, goal setting, time management, and learning styles. Introduces concepts for self assessing learning and completing an Exit Assessment that provides evidence that learning took place. Students should take this course prior to or during the first semester of their programs. 1 cr.

31-801-385 COMMUNICATING-WRITING ...writing techniques, memos, letters, descriptions, instructions, and the job-seeking process. (Prerequisite: Compass Writing Skills=60 and Compass Reading=70 OR ACT-English=16 AND ACT Reading=15 OR 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing with a "C" or better OR 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills with a "C" or better OR equivalent) 1 cr.

31-801-386 COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY ...interpersonal communication, including the function of interpersonal communication, listening techniques, perception, non-verbal communication, language, self-concept, conflict resolution and customer service. (Prerequisite: Compass Writing Skills=60 and Compass Reading=70 OR ACT-English=16 AND ACT Reading=15 OR 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing with a "C" or better OR 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills with a "C" or better OR equivalent) 1 cr.