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Photography Program Code 312031

1 Year Technical Diploma

Offered at the Green Bay campus. For information: (920) 498-5444. Toll-free: (888) 385-6982.

This program is fully eligible for financial aid.

The Digital Photography program is designed to equip graduates for success as an entrepreneur, an employee in a photography studio or in a corporate setting. The program will help students develop an individual style, give students hands-on experience with the latest digital technologies and help students acquire business skills necessary to succeed. In addition to camera operations, the students will learn digital workflow, perform advanced image editing techniques, and obtain experience in photography specialty areas. Graduates will also be able to apply their skills in event photography, fine art photography, and photojournalism.

Employment Potential

A graduate of this program will have the potential for employment in the following areas:

Portrait Photographer

Wedding Photographer


Nature Photographer

Sports Photographer

Event Photographer

Commercial Photographer

Digital Imaging Specialist

Digital Artist

Freelance Photographer: initiates entrepreneurial work with self-established client base. Carries out assignments under direct contract with clients including image capture, editing, and final production. Coordinate appointments. Specializes in one or two areas listed above.

The following certificates/technical diplomas may be applied toward this program:

902031, Digital Photography Certificate
902032, Digital Photography-Advanced Certificate

Program Outcomes

. Capture professional digital images in diverse specialty areas.
. Critique and effectively communicate with images.
. Construct and direct a professional photo shoot.
. Produce mixed media slideshows.
. Edit images effectively and efficiently.
. Edit images at a professional level with commercial quality.
. Plan and present a business plan.
. Manage finances for a small business.
. Rate, organize, and archive images.

Requirements for Program Entry

. Completed application.
. High school transcript or equivalent. (For a list of equivalents, go to
. Computer familiarity and ability to use a keyboard and mouse.
. Strong computer skills.
. Students should have mastered basic math skills (whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, measurements).
. As a requirement for program entry, an Academic Skills Assessment (Compass) with appropriate benchmark scores is necessary. Program Benchmarks are Pre-Algebra: 27; Reading: 70; Writing Skills: 60. Students not meeting these benchmarks or the equivalent will be required to establish an individualized academic plan. Students may have the opportunity to enroll in selected program core courses while completing their individualized plan. Upon completion of the plan, students will be eligible for all program courses. However, higher test scores will lead to greater success in core program courses. To learn more about these assessments and program benchmark scores, please contact a counselor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.


Students following the study plan below will complete the Digital Photography technical diploma in the number of semesters shown.


10-111-101 Macintosh-Image Editing
10-145-185 Organizing Your Small Business
10-203-104 Photography-Digital
10-804-123 Math w Business Apps
* 10-890-101 College 101
31-801-386 Communicating Effectively

10-104-119 Social Media Marketing
10-203-120 Photography-Landscape/Nature
10-203-122 Photography-Sports/Events
10-203-125 Photography-Night/Low Light
10-203-178 Photography-Digital Advanced
10-203-180 Photography-Digital Workflow
10-203-187 Photography-Digital Editing

10-145-189 Writing a Business Plan-Sm Bus
10-203-100 Photography-Portfolio & Promo
10-203-121 Photography-Portrait
10-203-123 Photography-Commercial
10-203-124 Photography-Wedding
10-203-126 Photography-DSLR Video
10-203-127 Photography-Print & Color Mgmt
10-203-189 Photography-Digital Editing Ad


Curriculum Note
*The credit for 10-890-101, College 101 is an Institutional Requirement for graduation. Consequently, it is not part of the program credit requirement.


These courses provide an opportunity for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding required for employment in this field.

10-104-119 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING ...understand the social media revolution. This course will provide students with the practical knowledge and insights needed to successfully plan, implement, manage and measure social media marketing efforts.

10-111-101 MACINTOSH-IMAGE EDITING ...(Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Acrobat) scanning, editing, color correcting and creating composite montage photographs. Prepare images for publication in print. An introduction to manipulating bitmap images.

10-145-185 ORGANIZING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS ...the components of small business ownership; examining a variety of small business startup and operation scenarios. Assesses your own readiness to begin the entrepreneurial adventure.

10-145-189 WRITING A BUSINESS PLAN-SMALL BUSINESS a necessary component to beginning a small business, from addressing facets of the business plan, observing various types of plans, to realizing readiness to begin. Plan preparation/presentation are required.

10-203-100 PHOTOGRAPHY-PORTFOLIO AND PROMOTION ...present a business plan, pricing structure and portfolio, design business documents and marketing materials, setup computer business files and digital image file structures, explore job opportunities and create application materials. (Prerequisites: 10-203-178, Photography-Digital Advanced; 10-203-187, Photography-Digital Editing; Corequisites: 10-145-189, Writing a Business Plan-Small Business)

10-203-104 PHOTOGRAPHY-DIGITAL ...capturing digital images, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, composition, camera operations, lenses, lighting, camera accessories, types of photography, photo challenges, importing, editing and storing images. Access to a digital camera required.

10-203-120 PHOTOGRAPHY-LANDSCAPE AND NATURE ...photograph landscapes, wildlife, plant, waterways, close-ups of natural scenes and textures emphasizing aesthetic value. Techniques involved depth-of-field, shutter speed, lenses, lighting, HDR, editing. Topics include equipment, focal length, and ethics. You must have access to an SLR digital camera. (Prerequisite: 10-203-104, Photography Digital)

10-203-121 PHOTOGRAPHY-PORTRAIT ...photograph individuals, couples, and groups of all ages. Techniques and topics include lighting, flattering posing, directing subjects, portraiture styles. You must have access to an SLR digital camera. (Prerequisite: 10-203-178, Digital Photography Advanced)

10-203-122 PHOTOGRAPHY-SPORTS AND EVENTS ...photograph a variety of sports and events for editorial and advertising purposes. Techniques involved aperture, shutter speed, lighting, focal lengths, bursting. Topics include equipment, location, storytelling, photojournalism, vernacular photography, etiquette. You must have access to an SLR digital camera. (Prerequisite: 10-203-104, Photography Digital)

10-203-123 PHOTOGRAPHY-COMMERCIAL ...photograph consumer products to meet layout specifications for promotions and publications. Techniques include set design, lighting three-dimensional objects. Topics include tabletop photography, food, and digital enhancement. You must have access to an SLR digital camera. (Prerequisite: 10-203-178, Digital Photography Advanced)

10-203-124 PHOTOGRAPHY-WEDDING ...photograph weddings in a digital world. Techniques include lighting, posing, photographic elements, traditional versus photojournalistic. Topics include equipment, indoor and outdoor locations, wedding day workflow, etiquette, and post-even workflow. You must have access to an SLR digital camera. (Prerequisite: 10-203-178, Digital Photography Advanced)

10-203-125 PHOTOGRAPHY-NIGHT AND LOW LIGHT ...photograph outdoor and indoor low-light situations and at night, including start trails, painting with light, street scenes, fireworks, parties, lightning. Techniques involved filters, exposure, color temperature, editing, and special effects. You must have access to an SLR digital camera. (Prerequisite: 10-203-104, Photography Digital)

10-203-126 PHOTOGRAPHY-DSLR VIDEO resolution and frame rates, DSLR video camera functions, achieving correct exposure and white balance, achieving good audio, composition and story development, video editing, creating a movie, movie delivery formats.

10-203-127 PHOTOGRAPHY-PRINT & COLOR MGMT ...visual and digital color, gamut and color spaces, calibration and profiling techniques, color management workflow for photographers, choosing a printer, paper, printing labs, preparing and printing images.

10-203-178 PHOTOGRAPHY-DIGITAL ADVANCED ...advanced camera operations, lighting techniques, portraiture and posing, post editing production, location and studio photography, critique images, web based portfolio. You must have access to an SLR digital camera. (Prerequisite: 10-203-104 Photography-Digital)

10-203-180 PHOTOGRAPHY-DIGITAL WORKFLOW ...(Adobe Lightroom) photo editing, image retouching, proofing, publishing, archiving. Techniques for sorting, ranking, organizing images, display images for client review, apply metadata, keep up-to-date online portfolio, color manage your workflow. (Prerequisite: 10-203-104, Photography-Digital)

10-203-187 PHOTOGRAPHY-DIGITAL EDITING ...(Adobe Photoshop) digital editing through advanced tool usage and masking. Non-destructive editing through RAW and smart objects. Color adjustments, advanced retouching, automation, photorealism, creating reusable presets/compositions. (Prerequisite: 10-111-101 Macintosh Image Editing)

10-203-189 PHOTOGRAPHY-DIGITAL EDITING ADVANCED ...this course will cover advanced functions of Adobe Photoshop image editing. (Prerequisite: 10-203-187, Photography-Digital Editing)

10-804-123 MATH W BUSINESS APPS ...real numbers; basic operations; proportions/one variable; percents, simple/compound interest; annuity; apply math concepts to purchasing/buying process, selling process; and basic statistics with business/consumer applications. (Prerequisites: Compass Pre-Algebra=27 or ACT-Math score=15 or 10-834-109, Pre Algebra AND Compass-Reading=70 or ACT-Reading=15 or 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills with "C" or better OR equivalent) 3 cr.

10-890-101 COLLEGE 101 ...develops tools and strategies that support success in college. Focuses on study skills, college resources, goal setting, time management, and learning styles. Introduces concepts for self assessing learning and completing an Exit Assessment that provides evidence that learning took place. Students should take this course prior to or during the first semester of their programs. 1 cr.

31-801-386 COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY ...interpersonal communication, including the function of interpersonal communication, listening techniques, perception, non-verbal communication, language, self-concept, conflict resolution and customer service. (Prerequisite: Compass Writing Skills=60 and Compass Reading=70 OR ACT-English=16 AND ACT Reading=15 OR 10-831-103, Intro to College Writing with a "C" or better OR 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills with a "C" or better OR equivalent) 1 cr.