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Winemaking-Advanced Certificate

Certificate Number 903203

Students will learn advanced wine-making skills with an opportunity for an internship at a local winery.

Certificate Completers will be able to

. Make wine on a commercial scale.
. Practice sanitary winery operation.
. Operate winery machinery.
. Understand general legal concepts relating to creation and operation of a winery.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

. 103202, Winemaking (Enology)


Catalog No. Description Credits

10-320-123 Intro to Winery Law
10-320-110 Winery Sanitation
10-320-111 Winery Equipment Operation
10-320-113 Intermediate Enology-Harvest/C
10-320-124 Intermediate Enology-Post Harv
10-320-114 Fall Wine Production Intern
10-320-115 Cellar Operations Technology

Certificate Total

Course Descriptions

10-320-123 VIN 202-Intro to Winery Law...this course will explain general legal concepts, outline business formation and operation concepts, discuss governmental agencies and regulation and describe legal issues and areas specifically related to the operation of a winery.

10-320-110 VIN148-Winery Sanitation...covers methods used for sanitizing the premises, tanks, pumps, filters, oak barrels, and sampling equipment, including chemical agents, reagents, and thermal treatments leading to sterile bottling. Environmental issues and compliance also addressed. (Recommendation: VIN 146, Introduction to Enology or permission)

10-320-111 VIN160-Winery Equip Operation...overview of winemaking including operations and equipment, barrel aging and management, membrane separation processes, workplace safety, and specialized contacting, cleaning, sanitation, process control, refrigeration, air conditioning, humidity, electrical, wastewater, solid waste handling systems. (Recommendation: VIN 146, Introduction to Enology or permission)

10-320-113 VIN246-Intermed Enology-Harves...the science and technology of winemaking intended for experienced intermediate winemaker or winery employee interested in career development, or advanced home winemaker seeking new challenges. Basic organic chemistry, microbiology, and some mathematics familiarity are recommended. (Prerequisite: VIN 146, Introduction to Enology or permission)

10-320-124 VIN247-Inter Enology-Post Harv... this course in the science and technology of winemaking is intended for the experienced intermediate winemaker, the winery employee interested in career development, or the advanced home winemaker that is seeking new challenges. This course will focus on advanced science and technology concepts of winemaking as it relates to post-harvest activities including blending corrections, aging of wine, clarification, fining, wine analysis, and bottling. Basic organic chemistry, microbiology, and some mathematics familiarity are recommended. [Prerequisites: VIN 146 (VIN 105 and VIN 110 recommended)

10-320-114 VIN257-Fall Wine Prod Intern...hands-on instruction for the individual anticipating a career in the wine industry who has completed major course sequences. Experience an intense level of practical and realistic winery operation during crush season. (Prerequisites: VIN146, Intro to Enology; VIN148, Winery Sanitation; VIN160, Winery Equipment; Corequisite: VIN246, Intermediate Enology, or permission)

10-320-115 VIN259-Cellar Ops Technology...get onsite experience learning techniques associated with finished wine production. Learn wine transfer, wine fining, cold stabilization, wine clarification, blending of wines, and bottling. (Prerequisites: 10-320-109, VIN146-Introduction to Enology; 10-320-110, VIN148-Winery Sanitation; 10-320-111, VIN160-Winery Equipment Operation; 10-320-113, VIN246-Intermediate Enology; or permission)

For more information, please contact: The Trades & Engineering Technologies Department,(920) 498-5461 or (800) 422-NWTC, extension 5461,or contact Enrollment Services at 888-385-NWTC.