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Social Media Marketing Certificate

Certificate Number 9010410

The Social Media Marketing Certificate is designed for people who desire to incorporate cutting-edge marketing techniques into an organization's new and existing marketing activities. Learners who understand new media techniques and complete this certificate may become social media planners, project managers, marketing specialists, public relations coordinators, promotional planners, or marketing analysts. Completers can expect to pursue employment in these positions in an extremely wide range of business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) organizations.

Certificate Completers will be able to

. Define marketing and promotional objectives.
. Create and manage Web Content.
. Utilize Social Media applications to engage customers and build relationships.
. Build and manage a brand using digital media.
. Utilize analytical tools for measurement and to maximize Return on Investment (ROI).
. Identify consumer behavior as it relates to new media consumption.


Catalog No. Description Credits

10-104-174 Social Media Analytics
10-104-176 Social Media Consumer Behavior
10-104-172 Social Media Content Managemen
10-104-175 Social Media Engagement Strate
10-104-119 Social Media Marketing

Certificate Total

Course Descriptions

10-104-174 Social Media Analytics...utilize analytical tools to optimize campaign effectiveness to deliver Return on Investment (ROI).

10-104-176 Social Media Consumer Behavior...identify technology trends that impact media usage and its effectiveness.

10-104-172 Social Media Content Mgmt...create and manage web content to engage target audiences that meet marketing objectives.

10-104-175 Social Media Engagement Strat...utilize social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter to retain/grow customers and expand into new markets.

10-104-119 Social Media Marketing...understand the social media revolution. This course will provide students with the practical knowledge and insights needed to successfully plan, implement, manage and measure social media marketing efforts.

For more information, please contact: The Business & Information Technology Department,(920) 498-5435 or (800) 422-NWTC, extension 5435,or contact Enrollment Services at 888-385-NWTC.