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Maintenance Electricity Certificate

Certificate Number 904132

The Maintenance Electricity Certificate is designed for a person working in an industrial maintenance position seeking knowledge and skills in electrical maintenance. Most of the courses in the certificate will transfer into the Electricity technical diploma program offered on the Green Bay campus.

Certificate Completers will be able to

Perform basic installation, maintenance and service of electrical equipment in an industrial environment.

Requirements for Certificate Entry:

. A math background is needed for this certificate. Students should have mastered high school algebra skills.


Enrollment in some courses requires an Academic Skills Assessment (Compass) with appropriate benchmark scores. See course descriptions for detail; equivalent assessment scores are acceptable. To learn more about these assessments and benchmark scores, please contact a counselor at (920) 498-5444 or (888) 385-6982.

Completers will be able to apply credits toward the following programs:

. 314131, Electrical Systems


Catalog No. Description Credits

10-413-334 AC Circuits
31-413-381 Controls 1-Maintenance
31-413-382 Controls 2 - Maintenance
10-413-314 DC Circuits
10-413-303 Industrial Controls
10-804-312 Math-Algebra/Trades
10-413-328 Motors and Transformers
31-413-315 National Electric Code-Mainten
10-449-112 OSHA 30

Certificate Total

Course Descriptions

10-413-334 AC Circuits...AC theory, inductance, capacitance, impedance, series ad parallel AC circuits, AC power, power factor corrections, rectification of AC, diodes and silicon controlled rectifiers. (Corequisites: 10-413-314, DC Circuits, 31-804-312, Math-Algebra Trades)

31-413-381 Controls 1-Maintenance...provides the student with knowledge of manual and event driven control systems and PLC characteristics. Laboratory work includes wiring manual control systems, simulation of control systems and PLC operations.

31-413-382 Controls 2 - Maintenance...provides the student with knowledge of PLC setup, programming and controls system control operation, "Smart" plant operating systems and motor speed controllers. PLCs and motor controls will be wired in lab.

10-413-314 DC Circuits...electron theory, electromotive force sources, voltage, current, resistance, power, Ohm's Law, series-parallel circuits and test equipment. (Corequisites: 31-804-312, Math-Algebra/Trades; 10-413-317, Fundamentals of Electricity)

10-413-303 Industrial Controls...electrical symbols, wiring diagrams, ladder diagrams, control logic, pilot devices, solenoids, relays, and time delay control (Corequisite: 10-413-345, Industrial Code)

10-804-312 Math-Algebra/Trades...signed numbers, order of operations, scientific notation, metric units/measurement, calculator operations, algebra, introductory trigonometry, Pythagorean theorem, solving right triangles. (Prerequisites: Compass Pre-Algebra=27 or ACT-Math score=15 or 10-834-109, Pre Algebra AND Accuplacer-Reading=55 or ACT-Reading=15 or 10-838-105, Intro to Reading & Study Skills with "C" or better OR equivalent)

10-413-328 Motors/Transformers...magnetism, electromagnetism, transformers, DC generators and motors, AC single-phase and three-phase motors, and an introduction to AC drives. (Corequisite: 10-413-334, AC Circuits)

31-413-315 NEC-Maintenance...National Electric Code requirements for industrial applications.

10-449-112 OSHA 30...addresses OSHA 29CFR1926 rules and is approved by OSHA for construction workers, foremen, job supervisors, and anyone involved in construction trades. Successful participants receive 30-hour card from OSHA.

For more information, please contact: The Marinette Campus,(715) 732-3870 or (800) 422-NWTC, extension 3870,or contact Enrollment Services at 888-385-NWTC.