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Library Assistant Certificate

Certificate Number 905223

This certificate is designed to be an introduction to anyone with an interest in library science. Courses provide an overview of library management, the roles and responsibilities of a library assistant, celebrating children and young adult literary resources, strategies to support children and young adults with literature, supporting independent strategic readers and working with children and young adults in reading and language arts. Courses are delivered online.

Certificate Completers will be able to

. Identify roles and responsibilities of librarian assistant.
. Use activities to support students in the library.
. Use media and technology in the library.
. Communicate effectively with students and staff.
. Model research strategies for students.
. Use drama to reinforce literature.
. Support classroom teachers with literature.
. Conduct storytelling with children.
. Use multicultural literature.
. Celebrate library awareness.


Catalog No. Description Credits

10-522-108 IA: Library Science-Introducti
10-522-110 IA: Literary Resources-Childre
10-522-104 IA: Technology/Media Resources

Certificate Total

Course Descriptions

10-522-108 IA: Library Science-Intro...overview of the library and roles of librarian assistant. Introduces learner to library services/resources, current practices, media and technology, activities to support students, research strategies, communication, and library management.

10-522-110 IA: Literary Resources-Child...learners use literature genres to support student learning in a library setting. Literature supported with drama, author studies, motivational activities, and storytelling. Supporting classroom teachers and literature awareness also incorporated.

10-522-104 IA: Technology/Media Rsrces...develop knowledge and skills in the area of media and computer resources as it relates to the instructional assistant. Students will gain experience creating and using web tools including electronic portfolios.

For more information, please contact: The Community & Regional Learning Services Department,(920) 498-6255, or (800) 422-NWTC, extension 6255, or contact Enrollment Services at 888-385-NWTC.