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Jail and Juvenile Detention Certificate

Certificate Number 905047

The Criminal Justice Jail and Juvenile Detention Certificate is designed for individuals enrolled in the Criminal Justice - Corrections Associate Degree program who are seeking certifiability as a jail officer or secure detention office in the state of Wisconsin. These courses help the learner meet the requirements set by the Wisconsin Department of Justice for these positions. The coursework will allow learner to apply learning in simulations, enhance the learning experience and improve employability. Participants must be eligible for certifiability as a jail officer and juvenie detention officer by the Department of Justice, pass a criminal background check, and complete necessary documentation before enrolling in the certificate.

Certificate Completers will be able to

Meet some state requirements for certifiability as a jail or secure juvenile detention officer.


Students must obtain a "C" or better in all certificate classes.

Requirements for Certificate Entry:

. Requires a minimum of 12 core credits from the Criminal Justice - Corrections program. Student folders must be complete prior to enrolling in this certificate.


Catalog No. Description Credits

10-504-931 Communication Skills
10-504-171 Corrections Internship
10-504-935 Corrections Summary Assessment
10-504-936 Emergency Procedures
10-504-128 Public Safety - Job Interviews

Certificate Total

Course Descriptions

10-504-931 Communication Skills...apply correctional professional skills including mediation, arbitration, and crisis intervention in a correctional setting. (Corequisite: 10-504-900, Intro to Criminal Justice)

10-504-171 Corrections in criminal and juvenile justice settings under supervised observation and participation. (Corequisite: 10-504-900, Intro to Criminal Justice)

10-504-935 Corrections Summary Assessment...refine previously learned skills and abilities by applying them to various case studies and simulated situations. (Corequisites: 10-504-900, Intro to Criminal Justice;10-504-171, Corrections Internship; 10-504-930, Security Procedures; Prerequisites: all other 10-504-XXX Corrections program courses)

10-504-936 Emergency Procedures...covers the conceptual and legal basis and physical skills for POSC (Principles of Subject Control), use of OC (oleoresin capsicum), use of impact weapons, ground defense, close quarter defense, use of improvised tools, emerging technologies and techniques, and fire safety in a correctional setting. Learners will articulate use of force actions and practice skills learned in static, isolation, and imulation exercises. (Prerequisites: Enrollment in the Jail and Juvenile Detention Certificate; 10-504-931, Communication Skills; 10-504-128, PS Interview & Resume Writing; 12 credits completed in the Criminal Justice Corrections program; CBC, student folder completion; Corequisite: 10-504-900, Intro to Criminal Justice)

10-504-128 PS-Job Interviews & Resume Wri... Students will learn about the criminal justice hiring process from application and resume writing, oral interviews and the background investigation. (Corequisite: 10-504-900, Intro to Criminal Justice)

For more information, please contact: The Public Safety Department,(920) 498-5485 or (800) 422-NWTC, extension 5485,or contact Enrollment Services at 888-385-NWTC.